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    Inside our May 2017 issue!


    Destination: Inspiration

    If ever there was a time to empower and celebrate women, a time in which feminism really mattered, this is that time. So, as you can imagine, there was a special mood in the air when editors and management from around the world met in Paris for our annual GLAMOUR Conference.

    That our pre-discussion dinner fell on International Women’s Day seemed fated. And what more delightful synchronicity than the fact that it was held at the sensational restaurant above the Paris-Gare de Lyon train station – a reminder of journeys, explorations, arrivals, reunions and exciting prospects.

    GLAMOUR is known for its modern mix of style, substance, inspiration and real-life vision. In fact, everything from fashion and beauty to wellbeing and success, on your terms and in ways that make you feel fabulous, is pretty much our remit. Add your unique individuality to the global voice and we women can only rise as we 

    Live the life. Fill it with GLAMOUR!

    Inside our February 2016 issue!