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Inside our May 2018 issue!


Just on 14 years ago, I packed up my home in Johannesburg and drove the beautiful route to Cape Town, a suitcase of shoes and sparkle, a playlist of power anthems and a head full of ideas, fears and excitement to speed me on my way. My mission: to set up offices for a dream – for that is what GLAMOUR was in the months that led to its landmark launch. So many days, nights, thrills, spills, fashion trends, beauty notions, mountains of chocolate and oceans of coffee later, that dream has become the bestselling title in its sector, with a digital arm, events division and parade of award ceremonies in the stylish mix. Most importantly, GLAMOUR stands for something essential and increasingly potent: celebrating and promoting women’s growth, self- esteem and prospects. Has the experience of launching and editing the brand been Devil Wears Prada-ish? Truth to tell, the designer dramas, no-expense-spared offices and gilt-edged politics are more the stuff of movie imaginations than real life. Things are pretty down to earth in the SA media universe, even on the planet of glossy magazines. As for hard work, well, there’s a ton of that. And yet, for all their pressures, magazines are a wonderfully rock ’n roll place to be, and the business of creativity brings extraordinary experiences, deep bonds, and more chocolate and coffee than any woman should reasonably expect (not that anyone should complain about an excess of chocolate and coffee). One delight, however, stands a tower of Louis Vuitton handbags above the rest: the people with whom it’s been my privilege and pleasure to interact. Vibrant readers, gifted colleagues, tender souls, cool minds, generous spirits, worthy opponents, fierce guardians of quality, and yes, quite a few slightly unhinged, but usually irresistible, talents. Your presence and support have been mighty, and it is no exaggeration to say you have changed my life in every way. As for my beloved GLAMOUR team – how wildly fortunate I have been to have spent 14 years working alongside such great professionals and fine human beings. Thank you with all my heart. And now? Well, it’s time for me to wish GLAMOUR the greatest success as I pack a new suitcase with shoes and sparkle, and head off to the next dream, the next beautiful route. As for the next playlist, my power anthems will be the sound of women rising up the ranks everywhere. There can’t be the last word in an ongoing conversation, but until we meet again, I wish you love, happiness, ease an inspiration. May your skyscraper heels feel like sneakers and your hair being a good mood every day of the week. Way more than any of that, may you and those around you know and celebrate your true worth as you –

Live the life. Fill it with GLAMOUR!

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