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    Inside our June 2017 issue!



    When it’s good…

    If I had a dollar for every person who believes The Devil Wears Prada is a documentary about magazines, I would be writing this letter on the terrace of my holiday home in Marrakech. For contrary to what we see in the movies, the magazine world is not embellished with white leather sofas, gleaming tiles and extravagant bouquets, we never swan into the fashion office to loan designer dresses for a date, and we really, really do eat.

    But even if the reality is not wall-to-wall Chanel, it is wall-to-wall camaraderie, creativity and care, and if we’ve learnt one thing from the constant stress and deadliness, it’s the capacity for making good times whenever we can. Here then, on this page, are the times when we really do 

    Live the life. Fill it with GLAMOUR!

    Inside our February 2016 issue!