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    Inside our March 2017 issue!


    Loving your work

    Along with GLAMOUR’s renowned mix of fashion, beauty and inspiration, this month’s issue has a special focus on all things work, from finding your dream job to negotiating like
    a ninja. Here, in honour of this career guide, are some lessons I’d love to share.

    1 Other women are not your enemy

    Contrary to the movie clichés in which women leave not a knife, but an entire canteen of cutlery in one another’s backs, the vast majority of us are genuinely caring and mutually supportive. My lucky breaks have all come from women, and in a career of working with and for women, I can list the awful ones in a matter of minutes while the sensational sisters take hours to enumerate. Let’s not fall for lies that hurt everybody. Let’s follow former US First Lady Michelle Obama’s lead and aim high!

    2 Checked your cover letter? Check again

    The first stage of a job interview is not the one into the office of your prospective employer. It’s the cover letter attached to your CV. So polish it like crazy and don’t dash your own dreams with SMS language (no, i can’t meet u), poor syntax (especially if you describe yourself as ‘detail-oriented’) and offhand salutations (‘Hi there’, ‘Hey’, or no salutation at all). Done that? Now let your marvellous and memorable personality shine through!

    3 Find your unique gift

    I’d love a dollar for every time I hear someone say that we can be whatever we want to be. But I don’t think it’s entirely true – and that’s just fine, because, of all the things we could want to be, nothing beats being authentically ourselves and bringing that unique gift to the world.

    4 Prepare to work seriously hard

    A work-life balance is a wonderful thing, but there are times when having it all at the same time is simply not on the menu. Want a great, big fabulous position or an awesome assignment? Know that it will take great, big, fabulous work and an awesome number of hours (including a bunch of after-hours hours!).

    5 Skills can be taught, but attitude can’t

    New to the job market or trying something you haven’t done before? Put in the extra time, go the extra mile and bring a notepad to meetings. But don’t beat yourself up if you don’t know everything, and do ask questions. What matters most is talent, professionalism and enthusiasm. Bring those to the table and an employer will help you learn the things that can be taught!

    6 Create your own definition of success

    Back in university days, I paid my tuition by waitressing (a lot!), and I was very happy doing it. Then I was promoted to restaurant manager. Everyone was impressed. So was I – for about five minutes. You know why? Because I was happier being a waitress. The point of this story is not that waitressing is better than managing – both have advantages and disadvantages. It’s that, in the end, there is only one form of ‘better’ and it isn’t the thing other people venerate; it’s the thing that makes your heart sing (even if it involves aching feet and grumpy chefs).

    Live the life. Fill it with GLAMOUR!

    Inside our February 2016 issue!