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Inside our June 2018 issue!


In a society stamped by hashtags, it can be pretty intimidating when everyone seems to be living the #perfectlife. At GLAMOUR, we certainly go the extra mile to bring you pretty perfect pictures. Just ask the fashion team and the models who scaled fences, lugged bags of clothes and climbed mountains in taped shoes to bring you this month’s festival-inspired shoot.

But we’re also into celebrating the things that make us a little less perfect. Think stretch marks, acne, frown lines – all the things that may make you want to hide. But if you don’t want to embrace those, which you’re perfectly entitled to, then we’ve offered suggestions and action plans, too. Even our cover star (the most followed woman on Twitter and an outrageous success!) admits that “being happy is something you have to work for every single day.”

So whichever story strikes a cord with you this month, we hope you retain one message: you’re perfect just the way you are. How you want to package your perfect-ness is up to you – in faux fur, rocking denim or donning blue eyeshadow. There’s plenty of inspiration inside.

Live the life. Fill it with GLAMOUR!

A sneak peak into our GLAMOUR fashion pages of our June issue!

🎥 Viné Lucas

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