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    Inside our April 2017 issue!


    To the max!

    Millions of words, thousands of images, mountains of love, oceans of care, infinite teamwork, more chocolate and coffee than we can quantify right now – and, most of all, your support and connection… that’s what brought us to this celebratory birthday issue. Thank you for sharing the journey with us. Thank you for inspiring us onwards.

    When GLAMOUR SA launched, Beyoncé had just ventured into a solo career, Jennifer and Brad were married, P Diddy and Paris Hilton were huge, cropped cargo pants and Ugg boots were a thing, yoga was kind of weird and Queen Latifah had us all craving velour tracksuits. So, it would be fair to say that the world has changed a lot. But some things are always true.

    So here, in honour of beautiful classics, are 13 things we’ve learned in 13 years at GLAMOUR SA.

    1 There’s always a reason to bust out the chocolate, cake and sparkles.

    2 Red lipstick/heels/lingerie. Whenever you want.

    3 You are so much prettier than you tell yourself.

    4 Confidence is sexy, and when you’re short of confidence… red lipstick/heels/lingerie.

    5 Men will never understand socks and stilettoes.

    6 Sunscreen is important.

    7 The jeans that felt tight at the store will never become magically comfortable.

    8 Animal print, nautical stripes, plaid and riding boots always come back into fashion.

    9 Kindness is even better than cake, chocolate and sparkles.

    10 Your mom was right about saving every month.

    11 Your dad was right about a partner worthy of you.

    12 There’s no force as powerful and inspiring as women (and the men who love them) on a mission.

    13 SA really does have talent. And style. And, yes, glamour!

    Live the life. Fill it with GLAMOUR!

    Inside our February 2016 issue!