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    Lady Gaga


    21 Mar-19 Apr

    YOUR YEAR AHEAD If you’re an Aries like singer Lady Gaga (28 March 1986), you’re exciting, forceful and a born leader. This is the year to commit to yourself, your career, your finances and romance! If you’re attached, your partner will need to step up to the plate. If single, you may attract your exact opposite. Your best love month will be November. A dramatic career change could see you travelling internationally. You can make a lot of money if you curb your impulsive ways, so be careful with your finances until 10 June. Altogether, this
    is the year to follow your dreams and step outside your comfort zone.

    YOUR MONTH AHEAD Your sex appeal is on the rise! This is a great month for money, especially if you work with property. You may also get involved in corporate affairs. Romance will be wonderful and your sex appeal will soar. Partnered up? This is a great time for delightful and deep conversations, road trips and flirty messages. Feeling bored with your exercise routine? Pair up with a friend and join a class together for motivation.


    20 Apr-20 May

    Connect with colleagues

    This month, your favourite ways to spend will be on fun outings with friends. You may also discover books and courses that support your goals. Strong ties with work colleagues and ‘who you know’ will help your progress. In a relationship? Expect things to get serious. Singletons, there’s a strong chance of a special meeting at a wedding or of connecting with someone who will play a big role in your love life. Speaking of which, romance will improve after 16 April. Your only health warning is the possibility of headaches.


    21 May-20 Jun

    Your career luck is in

    Get set for a propitious career month, especially if you work in media, public relations or entertainment. Your flair will flourish and you will be able to create masterpieces. Just be aware that your ruling planet, Mercury, goes retrograde from 10 April-3 May, so communication may be challenging at times. If attached, expect serious discussions with your partner, and if unattached, you may find companionship and mutual attraction with someone from a different cultural or religious background.


    21 Jun–22 Jul

    Expect to excel

    Study, travel, beautiful decor and collectibles will be the focus when it comes to your finances this month. Expect greater responsibilities at work and rest assured that your skills and efficiency will be excellent, especially around 17-18 April. Your love life is going through transformations. If single, you will attract someone who wants long-term commitment. Attached? There will either be a break-up or an even deeper connection. Take special care of your bones, skin, knees and kidneys.


    23 Jul-22 Aug

    Passion is key

    Wills, inheritances, alimony, taxes and joint finances fall under the spotlight. At work, spontaneous decisions will work out well, especially if they involve female colleagues. As for your love life, passionate sex is on the agenda, especially between 20-30 April. Single? The stars promise someone stable and caring. Look out for them in bookshops, yoga classes, spiritual retreats or while you’re travelling. For health reasons, watch out for sinus problems, get your eyes checked and look after your bones.


    23 Aug-22 Sep

    Romance is on the horizon

    You’ll be putting plenty of effort into your appearance, as romance is high on your agenda. If you’re attached, expect to get cosy with your significant other. Not involved? Be on the lookout for a romantic partner who shares the same hobbies as you. Property will feature strongly, whether you’re buying a home or investing. Look to 1-20 April for the best decisions regarding this. Work wise, your grand ideas need more practical application. And beware of taking on too much as you risk burnout. Similarly, keep your diet well balanced as your liver is especially vulnerable to overindulgence at this time.


    23 Sep-22 Oct

    Money looks good

    Your work is set to involve the public sphere as well as corporate and professional partnerships, and your income will grow, especially around 3-28 April. Involved? Your loved one will support your career dreams, including financially should this be necessary. If you’re single, you will attract someone who is self-sufficient, handy and appreciative of your curves. Expect to be wined and dined! Your health, diet and exercise will be a big focus, as you will want to increase your attractiveness.


    23 Oct-21 Nov

    Your energy is amazing

    Have you been worrying about your money? This is the month to give yourself a travel break – exploring new places will give you a new angle on life. You’ll have masses of energy at work, as well as an abundance of innovative and creative ideas. Your sex life is looking hot, too. If unattached, a past lover may return, re-igniting that old flame. If you’re involved, get ready for many sensual and cosy nights in. You may feel too lazy to exercise, but don’t worry, your routine will return to normal from 22 April onwards. 


    22 Nov-21 Dec 

    Pleasure is on the mind

    Expect to be venturing into profitable projects, making key decisions and communicating effectively – all from the comfort of your own home. A reliable contact will soon give you sound professional and financial advice, take it. Pleasure and romance are on your to-do list, especially around 5-6 April. Attached? You and your mate will be sharing spontaneous adventures. If you’re single, the sparks you seek will fly in an active environment like at the gym or on the dance floor.


    22 Dec-19 Jan

    Indulge yourself

    Luxuries like perfume and gourmet food will give you a lot of comfort – and given how hard you work, you deserve them! You will feel accomplished in your career and may be asked to mentor others, but do watch out for stress. Love wise, you and your significant other will be pulled in two opposing directions: the desire to cuddle up at home and the desire for adventure. And if looking for a mate, you’ll find them in an adventurous environment. Look to 14-16 April for this. Take care of your nerves as you will be working hard.


    20 Jan-18 Feb

    Luck is on your side

    You may feel a strong urge to make more money, and 14-16 and 19-21 April are well starred for this impulse. This is a good time to ask for a bank loan should you need it. You may also gain financially through anything related to art, music or luxury. Unattached? Be on the lookout for someone who is financially stable, delightful company and confident. Involved? You and your loved one will increase the romance factor by exploring interesting restaurants and shopping together.


    19 FEB-20 MAR

    Here comes hedonism

    Mars and Venus are holding hands right now, which means that you’re supported romantically and financially. You’ll look more refined, attract lots of admirers, your social life will expand and there will be opportunities to connect with people who support your ideas for business between 1-20 and 26-27 April. You’ll be feeling hedonistic, too, so expect to be spending on food and pleasure, as well as having amazing sex. On a health note, it’s a great month for your health and you will have energy to spare.

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