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Viola Davis


23 Jul-22 Aug

YOUR YEAR AHEAD If you’re a Leo, like actress Viola Davis (11 August 1965), you are creative, enthusiastic and generous. This is the year to connect with people who could take you places. Ready for the return of an old flame? Love will play a major role in your life, especially in October. The signs that will most impact you romantically are Aquarius, Pisces, Libra, Gemini and Leo. As your career draws you into the media world, communication will be pivotal. Strategic partnerships, with other women in particular, will bring in extra money. Make time to work out at home or outdoors. Cardio training and heart-healthy food choices should be your focus.

YOUR MONTH AHEAD Own the moment 

If ever there was a time to shine, it’s now. Keen to move on or ask for a promotion? Go for it around 27-31 August. Travel and trend-driven business deals are on the cards, and your writing skills may be called upon. If you’re single, raise your standards. A romance with someone you meet through friends is on the cards. Attached Leos can expect things to heat up in the bedroom. Health wise, step up your fitness routine and have your eyes tested.


23 Aug-22 Sep

Ambition on the rise

Expect to spend extra on books,
travel or studies. This is a time of heightened inspiration, and you’ll be much more ambitious. Colleagues may turn to you for support because of your nurturing nature. Don’t be surprised if that office crush shows relationship potential! If you’re partnered up, be open to lessons in love and give each other room – you are two individuals, after all. Your nerves may be on edge, especially from 13 August-6 September while Mercury is in retrograde. Watch your caffeine intake.


23 Sep-22 Oct

A boost of creativity

Who’d have thought having fun with your career could be so rewarding? Your creative flair is set to earn you recognition at work, and possibly even bring in additional income. Take full advantage of this from 27-31 August. If you’re single, a chance meeting with a fiery Aries or Leo holds romantic promise. In a relationship? You can count on support from your other half in reaching your goals. Take care not to neglect your feet, and schedule a visit to an optometrist.


23 Oct-21 Nov

Your ego levels increase

You’re in for a great month if your work involves massage, art, landscaping or environmental causes. Keep your ego in check, though – you’re bound to believe your ideas are the best and your viewpoint is right. Budget for emergencies, as finances may be unstable for a while. If you’re attached, prepare for substantial joint expenses, possibly on property. Single? You may fall for more than one person. Health insurance is a must if you’re travelling abroad. Your fitness challenge: get your heart rate up at least three times a week.


22 Nov-21 Dec

Foreign affairs take over

Business deals involving import/
export and foreign countries may feature this month, especially
around 23 and 29-30 August. You’ll have an optimistic outlook and will make sound financial choices. A deep sense of companionship between you and your partner will strengthen your relationship. If you’re looking for love, chances are you’ll cross paths with someone who may become a long-term partner. Health wise, your breathing tends to suffer during times of stress, so make time to slow it down.


22 Dec-19 Jan

Your drive serves you

Spending time talking to your parents will inspire you to achieve more in your career. A promising opportunity for a business partnership may present itself around 24-25 August – grab it by the horns. If you’re single, you can look forward to a very busy social time, and you are likely to attract a mate. If you’re in a relationship, you and your significant other may well start discussing marriage. Spending time around children will bring joy. Take special care of your skin – particularly around your hips and breasts.


20 Jan-18 Feb

Take on more

Look before you leap when it comes to money. Even better, take a step back: making financial decisions based on emotions seldom serves your best interests. At work, your creative passion and willpower will serve you well. Take on every task that comes your way, as success is on your side. You and your partner may consider starting a family. If you’re single, you will be attracted to a confident mate with a gregarious nature. Treat yourself to a new haircut – the best times to do so are around 16-19 and 23-27 August.


19 Feb-20 Mar

Let the wheels turn

Karmic forces are at work in your career, encouraging self-expression. New opportunities could include working with children, hairdressing and writing, as well as any job that puts you in the spotlight. Money is heading your way, especially around 13-14 August – but don’t spend it all at once! Be open to the possibility of meeting someone through work. If you’re partnered up, don’t hesitate to talk about the future. Up your fitness levels one day at a time to build a stronger and healthier you.


21 Mar-19 apr

Tech will rule

You’ll be tempted to make impulsive buys this month – all things trendy, especially fashion, will catch your eye. Work wise, you’ll brim with original ideas incorporating technology, around 7-8 August in particular. Focusing on digital and social media makes good business sense right now. In a relationship? Your partner will lavish you with treats and attention. If you’re single, a Gemini who thinks on their feet may bring a smile to your lips. Have fun with your workouts and take a friend along to stay motivated.


20 Apr-20 May

Home is where the heart is

Financial security, specifically regarding your home, will be front of mind. You may feel like renovating or redecorating. It’s a good thing you have the gift of the gab, because rapport will be crucial in business dealings at this time. If you’re single, don’t be shy to ask family members to introduce you to someone interesting. If you’re attached, expect road trips and get-togethers with family. Health wise, pay attention to your posture, and up your intake of fresh, unprocessed food to combat flagging energy levels.


21 May-20 Jun

Use your energy where it matters

You will feel more confident than usual this month, especially about your finances. The time may be ripe to take considered risks. Harness increased energy levels and powerful creative flow in the workplace to get the job done. Your sex drive will be on the rise, too, and the idea of experimenting with your partner will be highly appealing. Looking for love? Go on, make the first move on your crush. You are on top of your health and in good shape – now keep it up. 


21 Jun-22 Jul

Pay attention to money

Trust your intuition when it comes to financial decisions – your instincts are usually right. You may need to re-evaluate a commitment that is holding you back. Keep a cool head with an authority figure at work, especially around 4-5 and 31 August. You may catch an attractive stranger’s eye at a social event or family gathering. If you’re in a relationship, you are each other’s best friend right now – let the good times roll. Schedule a check-up with your dentist and take care of your bones.

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