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    Naomi Campbell


    21 May-20 Jun

    YOUR YEAR AHEAD If you’re a Gemini, like supermodel Naomi Campbell (22 May 1970), you’re talkative, energetic and trendy. This is the year to find true meaning in your work and to think about what family means to you. Love will be up and down this year but July will be the best month for romance with your partner. Looking for a mate? You’ll attract someone new, possibly with children. Work will go especially well this year, but only if you’re highly passionate about what you do – it needs to have meaning for you to be a ‘good’ year at work. Your health looks great, but be sure to stay fit with an activity where you can interact with others while exercising.

    YOUR MONTH AHEAD Your career luck is in! This is an important work month for you, so focus on your goals and you’ll reap the financial rewards. You may clash with your loved one, as you’re looking for more independence in the relationship. If you communicate your needs more, you’ll come to a resolution that will make you both happy. If single, you’ll meet someone via a friend. Your nerves may be under strain as old anxieties surface. Give yourself time to be still and pamper yourself!


    21 Jun–22 Jul

    Your money is on the move

    It’s time to get more creative with your finances. Look to stock markets or property for investment opportunities. Big work projects are in the offing, and 12 June is a good time to ask for a raise. Partnered up? The power struggles you’re experiencing will simmer down next month. Just play it safe. If you sense anger in your partner walk away until the situation calms down. Single? You’ll attract an intense person with power issues. Health wise, if you don’t have time to exercise during the week, dedicate the weekend to your body.


    23 Jul-22 Aug

    Broaden your skill set

    Your work will involve a lot of writing and communication this month, so focus attention on these skills. You’ll also have a strong desire to begin a new project, especially around 26-27 June. Tap into travel, foreign affairs and the media industry – there is a lot of money to be made there. When it comes to love, this is an important time, and you and your significant other may be talking about children. Singletons are starred to find a love interest at work – in fact, a potential long-term partner! On the health front, take care of your eyes.


    23 Aug-22 Sep

    Express yourself

    Tread carefully at work this month as there’s a risk of a disagreement with someone in authority. You’ll also be involved in tasks that require eloquent expression – know that you’ll rise to the challenge. In romance, you and your partner will share deep companionship. And if  you’re single, you’re likely to meet someone in a beautiful city space like a park or art gallery, especially around 15-17 June. On a health note: take it easy when you exercise, as the stars warn against overexertion.


    23 Sep-22 Oct

    Put yourself first

    Relationships are challenging you
    at the moment, so be a little selfish and prioritise yourself. Seeking love? You may be unexpectedly attracted to someone very different to you. With so many stars residing in Mars this month, it’s crucial to stay calm during arguments if you’re in a relationship. You may become very emotional at work; take a deep breath and stay level-headed. For health reasons, try herbal teas to flush out your system – especially green, chamomile and passion fruit.


    23 Oct-21 Nov

    Be a conquering queen

    Use up all the opportunities you encounter this month, as it is a lucky month for you. Take advantage of it. You have the strength to shine at work, even though you sometimes prefer to be behind the scenes. Make time to tackle debts before they start piling up. Single? Look to air signs like Librans, Geminis or Aquarians to help you lighten up, especially between 7-21 June. Involved? Enjoyable, light-hearted conversations lie ahead. On a health note, headaches may occur this month and be careful when you work with sharp objects in the kitchen.


    22 Nov-21 Dec 

    Romance is on the horizon

    Don’t sign on the dotted line when it comes to big money decisions this month – structural financial changes may affect you. Be wary of any business transactions that have an affect on your money before 19 July. Work is enjoyable and you’ll have lots of energy for getting things done. Looking for love? You’ll want to play the field. If attached, you and your partner will fall even deeper in love. Look forward to super romantic evenings from 20-30 June. Invest in luxurious hand creams and work on toning your arms.


    22 Dec-19 Jan

    Money looks good

    This is a great time to advance your career, especially around 10-12 June. Make sure to dress sharp at all times as image is everything – professionally speaking. You may experience good fortune when it comes to money, so take advantage of all financial opportunities, especially ones that involve family. If partnered up, you may feel more generous and open to love. Unattached? You’ll come up with creative ways to meet new partners. Your energy levels will rise, and you’ll have more drive for exercise.


    20 Jan-18 Feb

    Creative energy abounds

    This month, you’ll get a big chance to participate in creative projects that involve social media, marketing and digital developments. When it comes to your finances, be careful of credit cards. Spending could get out of control, so keep a careful eye on it. Involved? Children will be a topic of conversation. If unattached, you’ll be thinking about children, especially around 26-27 June, and this will affect the kind of partner you look for. Your only health warning is to find ways to deal with stress.


    19 FEB-20 MAR

    Cultivate gratitude

    This is the month to get organised with your money, possessions and spending habits. Around 20-21 June is the best time to do this. Your career holds huge creative potential. Take advantage of tasks you’re given, and don’t be afraid of speaking up and sharing new ideas. Unattached? Get set for lovers who stimulate your body and mind, particularly around 21 June. In a relationship? Expect big discussions about finance. Health warning: take care of your cardiovascular health by eating more heart-healthy foods.


    21 Mar-19 Apr

    Embrace your sexuality

    Your attitude to money will be tied to your sense of self-worth more than usual. You may look inwards at your career, and question whether it satisfies you and if the pay you get matches the energy you put into it. If you work in the area of food, 20-21 June will be an extremely rewarding time. If single, you’ll have a yen for sexual exploration and may meet a sexy stranger online. Partnered up? Expect many erotic nights and great conversations. Your health warning: look out for throat infections!


    20 Apr-20 May

    Commit yourself to love

    Expect dynamic, even aggressive communication at work this month, plus the possibility of a sexual spark with a colleague, especially around 21-23 June. If you’re attached, important transformations may take your relationship to a new level of commitment. When it comes to money, look to literature to help guide you to financial abundance. Read books and listen to audio books that teach you how to make more money and handle your finances. Health wise, your priority will be to improve your shape.

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