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    People really do object at weddings, and we've got the stories to prove it

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    People really do object at weddings, and we’ve got the stories to prove it

    Thought that whole “Speak now or forever hold your peace” jazz was just one of those traditions that no one pays much mind to? Well, as it turns not everyone opts to hold their peace at weddings!

    wedding blog ·

    Would you dare to bare it all on your big day?

    Are you brave enough to wear a sexy dress when you walk down the aisle on your big day? Check out our favourite flirty gowns… Read More

    wedding blog ·

    Maid of honour etiquette every bestie needs to know

    Whether you’ve already accepted the role or know a MOH invitation is coming, there are a few things every best friend needs to know before… Read More

    wedding blog ·

    Find your figure-flattering wedding dress, here

    Finding the right wedding dress is probably the most crucial detail for any bride-to-be. Find out which style suits you best. Read More

    wedding blog ·

    15 Wedding dresses that are even more beautiful from the back

    You'll love these wedding dresses that are as breathtaking from the back as they are from the front. Get ready to dazzle! Read More

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