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    the wedding expo durban

    wedding blog ·

    Brides-to-be, here’s all the wedding inspiration you need!

    Whether you’re on the hunt for your dream dress, searching for a pro planner or taste-testing for the perfect cake, the Wedding Expo Durban has you covered!

    wedding blog ·

    Everything you need to know about writing your own wedding vows

    While we can't write the words for you, there are a few steps you can follow to make the writer's block go away. Read More

    wedding blog ·

    5 Valuable marriage lessons brides learned from their moms

    Because Mom always knows best! Read More

    wedding blog ·

    We’ve found the secret to a fun wedding reception!

    If you're about to tie the knot, you'll no doubt have worries over whether or not your guests will enjoy the wedding. Here's the solution. Read More

    wedding blog ·

    10 Ways to throw a feminist wedding

    For some reason we tend to put gender equality on the backburner when it comes to planning our own weddings. Here are ten ways to… Read More