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    moving in together

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    5 Conversations you need to have before co-habiting

    If you and your special someone are talking about moving in together, there are a few issues you need to discuss before making a final decision.

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    13 Super-modern signs your relationship is getting serious

    These 13 actions and behaviours are pretty good, very modern signs that your relationship might be moving to the next level. Read More

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    Single? This Valentine’s Day GIF guide is for you

    Here are the highs and lows of being single on Valentine's Day - in GIFs. Read More

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    Are these the worst Valentine’s Day stories EVER?

    From catching your parents doing IT on the kitchen table to having to serve your ex and his date, read these horror stories and you'll… Read More

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    Would you ever get back together with an ex?

    Can you be blamed for giving your ex a second chance? Find out when it's OK to get back together - and when it's definitely… Read More