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    Love writing? Read this!

    Best-selling author, poet, mentor, teacher and literary inspiration, Wendy Goldman Rohm, shares insights into her upcoming Cape Town Writer’s Retreat.

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    We get real with Toya Wright

    New York Times best-selling author and reality TV star, Toya Wright, talks to us about her memoir In My Own Words…My REALity. Read More

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    GLAM chat with Kopano Matlwa

    We hosted a GLAMOURous breakfast at Rosebank Mall to celebrate the launch of acclaimed author Kopano Matlwa's latest offering, 'Period Pain'. Read More

    book club ·

    How an anonymous note changed everything

    Read all about one man’s quest to track down his family’s stolen art in 'Degas' Dust'. Read More

    book club ·

    The 7 worst on-screen mothers-in-law

    These gems of mothers-in-law will make your own one look like an angel! Read More

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