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    Hailey Baldwin is hot AF in the new Guess campaign!

    Hailey Baldwin is the face of Guess’ Spring/Summer 2017 campaign, and she has shared images of her in the commercial on social media.

    celebrity news ·

    You won’t believe what Taylor Hill ate before the Victoria’s Secret fashion show

    Taylor Hill ate "3,000 calories a day" prior to the Victoria's Secret fashion show, which tookplace in Paris, France, last year. Read More

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    10 Unforgettable quotes from Michelle Obama

    Following the First Lady's departure from the White House, we took time to reflect on some of Michelle's most memorable public remarks — words that… Read More

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    Ciara speaks abstinence

    Ciara believes her relationship with Russell Wilson is much more "powerful" after the pair decided to abstain from sex until they got married. Read More

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    Claire Danes has a pretty strange phobia…

    Claire Danes has admitted she used to have a "phobia of girls" because she went to a "really progressive" school. Read More

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