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    Hailey Baldwin

    celebrity news ·

    Guess what Hailey bought with her first pay slip?

    Hailey Baldwin splashed out on a new pair of “really high” Prada boots with her first ever paycheck, although she would save her last few pennies on food.

    celebrity news ·

    Kylie and Travis got matching tattoos! See them here:

    Kylie Jenner and boyfriend Travis Scott have got matching tattoos of a butterfly on their ankles to prove their love for one another. Read More

    celebrity news ·

    Does Scarlett have a new love interest?

    Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson was spotted on a date with Colin Jost over the weekend. Read More

    celebrity news ·

    Are we finally meeting the real Katy Perry?

    Katy Perry has revealed she needed to create a pop persona for herself "out of protection" in order disassociate herself from the person she was… Read More

    celebrity news ·

    Nicki Minaj teases new music!

    Nicki Minaj has teased she has new music coming this month, although she has not said whether it will be a single or a full… Read More