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    Fallen off the fitness wagon? Time to get back on!

    Gaining weight? Don’t panic! Whether you’ve put on a little or a lot, it’s still fixable. Here’s how to get back on the fitness wagon.

    beauty body ·

    Here’s how to *really* get that revenge body

    Get ready to take the GLAMOUR x SWEAT1000 workout to the next level with week four! Read More

    beauty body ·

    Your dream body is right this way!

    The third instalment of the GLAMOUR x SWEAT1000 workout is here! Read More

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    Kardashian hair advice that’ll completely change your locks

    Kardashian hairstylist, Justine Marjan, shares her tips on how to style hair that's worthy of any red carpet. Read More

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    How to remove your gel nails at home

    Let’s face it, when time is an issue, you usually do things you shouldn’t – like peel off your gel-cured nails. Big mistake, you realise… Read More