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    GLAMOUR x SWEAT1000 routine

    beauty body ·

    The fun fitness routine you need to try NOW

    It’s Fitness Friday! Week six of the GLAMOUR x SWEAT1000 routine is here, just in time for the weekend.

    beauty body ·

    This workout routine will change your body

    Are you loving the GLAMOUR x SWEAT1000 routines? Get ready for week 5! Read More

    beauty body ·

    Relaxers: Your top 3 questions answered!

    To straighten or not to straighten? The choice is yours! To make it easier we’ve asked the SA’s top ethnic hair specialists to answer your… Read More

    beauty body ·

    Say what? How to talk yourself healthy

    Healthy living is about more than simply a healthy body - it's about a healthy mind, too. Read More

    beauty body ·

    Here’s how to *really* get that revenge body

    Get ready to take the GLAMOUR x SWEAT1000 workout to the next level with week four! Read More