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    GLAMOUR x SWEAT1000 routine

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    The fun fitness routine you need to try NOW

    It’s Fitness Friday! Week six of the GLAMOUR x SWEAT1000 routine is here, just in time for the weekend.

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    4 Tips to help you prep for a cycling race

    Keen to try cycling? The Amashova race coordinators share four tips every beginner cyclist should know. Read More

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    Get toned this summer

    We sat down with the founders of Bodytec, Boris and Sandra Leyck, to find out a little bit more about Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) training. Read More

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    Before you refill your water bottle, read this:

    Your water bottle might have as much bacteria as a toilet seat... No lies. Read More

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    How to train like a star

    Ahead of bikini season, we’ve asked some celebrity friends to share their fitness advice and tips. Read More