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5 Cult Korean skincare products now available in SA!


Korean Beauty products South AfricaFrom kimchi to K-pop, Korean culture has taken the world by storm. Long celebrated for their innovative beauty formulas, Korean skincare products place emphasis on natural ingredients and fast-acting solutions. With an extensive variety of K-beauty supplies, South African online stores Milo and Mo, Samika, and Pink Cosmetics are finally satisfying all our Korean beauty cravings.

Even though we’d like to get our hands on everything, there are five must-have Korean skincare products that have garnered a cult following.

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Sheet Masks

Korean Skincare products

Part of the famed 10 step Korean skincare routine, sheet masks have taken bathroom cabinets and Instagram feeds. The TonyMoly-Im Real brand of sheet masks (R50) have become a Korean skincare staple. Shop now at Pink Cosmetics.



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An essence is a lightweight version of a serum, with the consistency of a toner. K-beauty lovers swear by its high concentration of active ingredients and restorative properties. Missha Essence (R900) is available now at Samika.


Hand Milk

Hand Milk

A lightweight alternative to hand cream, hand milk is a nourishing moisturiser that contains shea butter, coconut oil, and macadamia oil. With its unique true-to-life banana packaging and sweet candy scent, TonyMoly’s Magic Food Banana Hand Milk (R120) has become a favourite amongst Korean beauty addicts. Shop now at  Milo + Milo.


Balm Cleansers

Korean Skincare Products

Forget micellar water and cosmetic face wipes, when it comes to effective make-up removal, Korean girls reach for emollient cleansing balms. This award-winning cleanser goes on as a solid balm and transforms into a silky oil on the skin. Banila Co’s Clean It Zero (R475) is now available for pre-order at Pink Cosmetics.


Sleeping Masks

korean skincare products

If you know anything about Korean skincare, you know that our K sisters never miss an opportunity to apply a mask. So it’s no surprise that Glow Recipe’s Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask (R1000) has amassed thousands of followers around the globe. Give your skin a treat while catching some zzz’s. Shop now at Samika.

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