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Donald Trump’s comb-over came undone, and it was all caught on video

Donald TrumpThe end of last week ushered in the crumbling of a long-lasting, carefully constructed facade. President Donald Trump’s famed comb-over was unravelled by the wind, simultaneously clearing up one of the nation’s most prevalent mysteries and prompting even more questions than before.

The moment, which took place as Trump boarded Air Force One on Friday, almost went completely unnoticed, buried by the weekend’s news of a plunging stock market, the Super Bowl, and the arrival of world-famous newborn Stormi Webster. But on Tuesday, writer Ashley Feinberg unearthed the incident and shared it with the world via Twitter, where she posted a video titled “The Real Donald Trump.”

In the 21-second clip, POTUS is attacked by some particularly violent gusts of wind while heading up the stairs to the plane. This would normally be no obstacle for Trump’s MAGA hat, but on this day, he went without—which given the circumstances probably won’t happen again. The wind ended up blowing his comb-over straight in the air, leaving the gelled-down sides to flap about with his bare, bald head exposed.

Given Trump’s well-documented preoccupation with physical appearance, it’s hard to imagine this will blow over well.

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