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5 Tips for working out as a couple

5 Tips for working out as a couple

Relationship weight gain is a thing. So if you want to steer clear of the curse, why not suggest the two of you start training together? It doesn’t matter what your individual fitness levels are, it’s still possible for both of you to get value from your sessions, plus studies show that training with a partner can help increase your performance levels (and the longevity of your relationship too). Here’s how to get started…

1 Try new things

You’ve always wanted to try trail running. They’ve always wanted to give Pilates a go. Now you both have a buddy to take with you so you won’t feel quite as random. Trying new things ensure that your workout routine never gets boring.

2 Get a PT

Not only will it be cheaper to split the cost, neither of you will be tempted to act as the other’s personal trainer (which can be hugely irritating). You’ll also learn correct form and technique, and be able to work at your individual levels while training as a couple. What’s not to love?

3 Don’t get too competitive

You can run faster. Your partner is stronger. But who cares? Training together shouldn’t be about competition, it should be about both of you doing your best to improve, and spending valuable quality time together. So leave your inner critic at home.

4 Help each other out

You’re workout buds and you’re bonding at the same time. So be kind to each other, think twice about any nastiness, and be generous with your compliments. Spot each other, push yourselves to do your best, and be each other’s loudest cheerleader. That’s the spirit!

5 Reap the benefits

Working out together often leads to eating more healthily without too much effort, and you could soon see a spike in your collective energy levels. So make the most of it! Use your renewed vigour to do more as a couple outside the gym, and enjoy life and each other as much as possible. Plus, there’s always that evening cardio to look forward to! 

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