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On our playlist: The Chainsmokers, ‘Sick Boy’

Sick boyThe Chainsmokers have returned. They have assessed the grim, contentious state of the world in 2018, and they have come to an important conclusion: you should have been nicer to them. The single is called ‘Sick Boy,’ as in, “They say that I am The Sick Boy, easy to say when you don’t take the risk, boy.” As in: we are aware of the bad reviews, and you try being a pop star, bro! All perfectly fine, but if they’d bothered to read the reviews, they’d know nobody has ever called them the sick boys. The sound is very different from their usual catchy EDM hits but maybe it’s because they’re attempting to fight back at a more serious subject as opposed to pulling someone closer in the backseat of their Rover? I don’t know but take a listen to the song here:

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