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On our playlist: G-Eazy & Halsey: ‘Him & I’

G-EazyG-Eazy and Halsey join forces for ‘Him & I,’ the fifth single issued in advance of his ‘The Beautiful & Damned.’ Some of the best male and female collaborations come from relationships, and if they aren’t already  in a relationship, then most likely they’ll get in one after the song they create together gets popular. In ‘Him and I’, the duo create this powerful pop hit that is literally the 2017 version of Bonnie & Clyde. ‘Him & I’ tells the fantastical tale of a rebellious, reckless love – the kind you imagine a father maybe disapproving of, “the crazy kind” – with ominous beats to move the 2017 Romeo & Juliet tale along. There is an unbreakable loyalty between the two of them regardless of circumstance.

Watch the video here:

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