These 5 stories set the week on fire!

Text: Meg van Eck

Missed out on the hottest Hollywood news from this week? Well, we are here to get you back on track with all the juicy celeb news you need to know. Check out our top 5 things that happened in celebville this week:

Celeb news

Taylor Swift is back with another insanely catchy new song called ‘Gorgeous’ and she is once again throwing all shade but who is her next victim? Click here to find out!

Celeb news

A third royal is on its way into the world and we finally know the date of its arrival! Click here to find out when.

Celeb news

Lupita Nyong’o speaks out about Harvey Weinstein. Click here to find out what she said!

Celeb news

These librarians’ parody of the Kardashians’ Hollywood Reporter cover will make your day. Click here to see it.

Celeb news

Gabrielle Union claps back at sexual assault victim shamers! Yas girl read about it here.

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