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Does the name Mohombi ring a bell? It should, as this Swedish-Congolese R&B singer, songwriter and dancer has been setting the airwaves on fire since releasing his debut solo single ‘Bumpy ride’ in August 2010. Since then he’s been working with the likes of Nelly, Akon and ex-Pussycat Doll, Nicole Scherzinger, and has recently re-located back to Congo, in order to help create an infrastructure for music communities based not only in Congo, but in Central Africa as a whole. Read more about this hottie with a heart here:

What would you say is your best attribute, and why?

My wife said to me the other day that my best attribute is my kindness. So I’ll go with that as my answer.

Who or what inspires you?

My children are by far my number one source of inspiration.

What’s your idea of the perfect date?

 A date that ends with the desire to do it all over again.


What’s your favourite drink?

It depends who’s paying!

What fills the spot at the top of your dream destination list?

The kingdom of Meni-Kongo.

Do you have any regrets when it comes to past relationships?

No regrets, only regards.



Who is your style icon?

Good question – I haven’t found one yet!

Who is your WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday)?


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