Must-read love advice from the authors who bring romance to life!

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September 14, 2017

Love advice

There’s nothing like curling up with a romance novel and disappearing into a world of love, passion and dashing strangers. And when it comes to romance novels, Mills & Boon has dominated the field for over a century, with genres ranging from erotica to non-fiction and fantasy as well. We asked three local Mills & Boon authors some of our top love-related questions. Read on to find out what they shared:

Best love tips?

“Humour is powerful because romance that’s filled with laughter is super sexy. Besides, if you’re going to be with someone for a long time, you’ve got to be able to laugh with and at each other.” – Joss Wood author of Secrets of the A-List

Traditional gestures: a surprise supper, flowers or biltong. And doing things your partner doesn’t like doing. Does he hate cooking? then cook! Thoughtfulness is romantic.” – Thérèse Beharrie author of The Millionaire’s Redemption

“Everyday things, like writing “I love you” in the steamed up bathroom mirror or making me breakfast.” – Lucy Ryder author of Rebel Doc on Her Doorstep

Biggest romance mistakes?

“‘I love you,’ said before or during sex is best ignored. I believe that you can’t force someone to love you. There’s no rule that says, ‘I love you so you have to love me back.'” – Joss

“Staying with someone you know is wrong for you is a common one.” – Thérèse

“Stalking a guy and coming across as desperate. Guys like to think that they’re doing the chasing!” – Lucy

Relationship deal-breakers?

“Cheating. Don’t say it ‘just happened’. Getting up close and personal (and naked) involves a series of choices.” – Joss

“Disrespect and lack of consideration.”- Thérèse

“Cheating, because I should be enough. Also, stalker dudes. A guy you’ve just met declaring undying love. Seriously?” – Lucy

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Must-read love advice from the authors who bring romance to life!

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