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Buzz cut beauties: 8 of the best celebrity buzz cuts ever

Buzz cuts are having a moment. From Katy Perry to Cara Delevingne, a number of high profilers have gone for a shaved head lately, be it for a movie role or a stylish statement.

It’s a brave change, but these ladies prove the buzz cut can look totally beautiful…

Kate Hudson buzz cut
Photography: Getty Images

Kate dared the traditionally hard-to-pull-off look for her new movie Sister. The actress kissed her long blonde locks goodbye, rocking a bolder, brunette buzz cut.

Jennifer Hudson buzz cut
Photography: Getty Images

Jen’s gorgeous smile and glowing complexion mean it’s easy for her to pull off such a bold ‘do. Into it, full stop.

Cara Delevingne buzz cut
Photography: Twitter/@femminspiration

Originally cutting her hair off for a role, Cara has been wowing with her short locks for a while now. We actually think we prefer her buzz cut to her long locks. And with cheekbones like that, why not?!

Natalie Portman buzz cut
Photography: Twitter/@Bald_Brothers

Preparing for movie role V For VendettaNatalie gave an ultra-short buzz cut the go-ahead. Naturally, she pulled it off with grace.

Amandla Stenberg buzz cut
Photography: Twitter/@HypeHair

Amandla Stenberg

Amandla shaved her head for her role in Where Hands Touch and made us all want to reach for the razor to cut our own!

Kristen Stewart buzz cut
Photography: Twitter/@vilecherry

It’s official: Kristen Stewart can pull off just about anything. How different does she look here from her Twilight days?!

Katy Perry
Photography: Getty Images

Katy Perry’s pixie cut took on a new edge when she shaved the sides, creating a cool buzz cut effect. Love. IT.

Adwoa Aboah buzz cut
Photography: IMaxTree

Model Adwoa wrote an inspiring open letter in Teen Vogue about her shaved head, which she said made her feel #empowered. We love her look.

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