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All the references you missed in Taylor Swift’s ‘LWYMMD’ video

Taylor Swift hid a million secret messages within the jaw-dropping music video for ‘Look what you made me do’. The victims involved in her video include ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris, as well as her arch-nemeses Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, and Katy Perry. She even spends a good half of the video making fun of herself. Did you catch all of these?

Taylor Swift

Nils Sjoberg is dead

The first scene in the video takes place in a dark, eerie graveyard. Look closely at one of the tombstones and you’ll spot the name Nils Sjoberg. This is the pseudonym that Taylor used to write Calvin Harris’ and Rihanna’s hit ‘This is what you came for’. At first she lied about hiding behind the name, but eventually the song’s official writing credits were changed from Nils Sjoberg to Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift

Kim’s robbery

This one shook us the most! Remember when Kim was tied up and gagged in a bathtub while robbers stole $10 million worth of jewellery and diamonds from her? Given those specific circumstances, doesn’t the image above look kind of shady? Ouch.

Taylor Swift

She’s sipping tea and throwing shade

That tea cup? Not an accident. Taylor doesn’t do anything by accident. Swift is serving tea – literally – as snakes slither around her. In 2016, after Kim Kardashian leaked partial audio and video clips from Swift’s phone call with Kanye West regarding her name-drop in the song ‘Famous’, people began referring to Taylor as a literal snake.

Taylor Swift

Kimye vs. Taylor

Taylor is seen in a line of her past selves wearing the same sequined one-shouldered gown that she wore to the 2009 VMAs – the show that kicked off the feud between her and Kanye in the first place.

Taylor Swift

Katy Perry

This short blonde wig is a Katy Perry reference if we’ve ever seen one. They could be twins. But wait, there’s more! Taylor is holding a Grammy Award right here — something Katy’s never won. Taylor has 10.

Taylor Swift

Rows of models

Kanye’s Yeezy models stand in tight rows just like this. That’s not a coincidence. Another perspective would be Taylor wiping her reputation clean and leaving behind scraps of her old life. Kicking her squad to the kerb would be a huge part of that. Swift mocks the idea that her squad of model friends are as interchangeable as mannequins.

Taylor Swift

‘I <3 T.S.’

The tank tops sported by her squad of dancers look awfully familiar to the one we saw ex-flame Tom Hiddleston wearing. One more note about this particular sequence in the video is that it had many fans comparing it to Beyonce’s ‘Formation’. Don’t EVER try to replicate Queen B!

Taylor Swift


Later on, a Swift dressed like the simpering teen she played in the ‘You belong with me’ music video has all the names of her A-list friends written on her shirt, referencing celebs like Lena Dunham, Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, Gigi Hadid, and Selena Gomez, among others. Could she be giving them the boot as well?

So in conclusion, this video was 4 minutes and 15 seconds of shade, but we’re kind of liking the new, sassy Tay Tay. Were there any other moments we missed that we should know about?

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