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From airports to bus stops, here’s how our favourite supermodels got scouted

Ever wandered the streets or your local mall hoping to be discovered by a talent scout and start a successful modelling career? It could happen – because while the world’s biggest supermodels might be flying first class to London, Paris or Milan, their big breaks began in far more humble locations. Take a look:

Cara DelevingneCara Delevingne

Cara’s international success in modelling, acting, singing (and pretty much everything) goes to show that it’s not always what you know, but who you know. Case in point, Cara’s best friend, Genevieve Garner, daughter of the CEO of Storm Model Management, Sarah Doukas. Thanks to a meeting with Genevieve’s mother at school, Cara was instantly signed, despite never having thought about being a model before. Of course it probably also helped that Cara’s older sister Poppy was already signed with Storm as well – but it might be worth checking out your own friends’ connections, just in case.

Kate Moss
Kate Moss

She might be one of the world’s most famous supermodels now, but in 1988, Kate was just another face in a JFK check-in queue. Kate was 14, and on her way home from a family holiday in the Bahamas when she was scouted by (wait for it) Sarah Doukas of Storm Model Management. Proving her eye for talent, Sarah hopped on Kate’s flight to London and approached her as soon as the seatbelt sign was turned off. The rest, as they say, is history.

Candice Swanepoel

Originally teased at school for her tall, slim frame, Candice had the last laugh when she was scouted at a Durban flea market at the age of 16, and told that she had the perfect supermodel figure. The Victoria’s Secret angel says her success has been the perfect revenge on her bullies. “I know it sounds terrible, but it does feel good to show those people,” she says proudly. You go, girl!

Naomi CampbellNaomi Campbell

Naomi was a 15-year-old dance student when she was picked from a throng of Londoners while window shopping in Covent Garden in 1985. Despite the hustle and bustle, model scout Beth Boldt, head of Synchro Model Management, saw Naomi’s supermodel potential and helped transform her into one of the most famous models of all time.


Gisele Bündchen

The highest-paid model in the world, according to Forbes, was discovered while shopping in Sao Paolo, Brazil. It was in 1994 when a scout noticed the then 14-year-old tucking into a Big Mac in a local McDonald’s. All we can say is if that’s how to hit the modelling jackpot, we’ll have fries with that.

Stars Attend 'glamour Women Of The Year Awards 2017' In New York CityGigi Hadid

Scouted at the tender age of two by her classmate’s father, Paul Marciano, the founder of Guess Jeans, Gigi Hadid started her career younger than most. Today this model-of-the-moment might be only 20 years old, but her career in front of the lens has already spanned 18 years, starting as a Guess model and fast becoming one of the world’s most sought-after supermodels.

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