8 Reasons why you should be wearing tracksuit pants RN

Text: Meg van Eck; Photography: IMAXtree

Trends come and go, and in the world of street style, the cycle of popularity changes at lightning speed. But one of our favourite trends to have recently resurfaced has to be the tracksuit pant.

This athletic-inspired, casual-cool piece has proven to be a wardrobe staple for women everywhere, pairing with everything from a plain white T-shirt to a dressier blouse. Even better, they’re available in every fabric from silk to leather to cotton, making them versatile enough to suit every occasion.

Karl Lagerfeld once said that to wear sweatpants is a sign of defeat. Well if that’s the case, throw us a pair and a white flag because we’re done!

Check out some inspiration for the stylish people of the streets:

Milano str F17 113



London str S16 120



London m str F17 138


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