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The GLAMOUR Team’s skin secrets, revealed!

The GLAMOUR Team’s skin secrets, revealed!Working for a magazine exposes you to the best in skincare products, tips and tricks. Get the low-down on the team’s insider solutions.

Your go-to product?

Justine Balancing Spray Toner. It’s great for rehydrating skin and leaves you feeling moisturised.

– Tumi Moletsane, junior copy editor

Pretty much the only thing I use is Dr. Hauschka Night Serum. It makes my skin feel fresh (even after an evening of heavy makeup) and it smells ah-mazing!

– Danica van der Veen, online editor

Dermalogica Multi-Active Toner. It instantly refreshes the face with a few spritzes and perfectly hydrates before applying moisturiser.

– Ziyaad Bassier, art director

Cetaphil Dermacare Moisturiser. It has a light texture, which is great for my sensitive skin and SPF 30, so I don’t have to worry about applying sunscreen.

– Yolisa Mjamba, beauty assistant

How much time do you spend on your skincare routine?

I’m pretty quick, but totally devoted — whatever happens, wherever I am, and even if I’m half-asleep, the cleanse-tone-serum-moisturise routine is non-negotiable. I may not wear makeup many days, but sunblock always! And, for the rest, I multi-task: my favourite is a face mask and meditation in the bath: 20 minutes of that, and my skin and spirit are soothed!

– Pnina Fenster, editor

Five minutes. I wash my face in the shower with a micro-granular wash and follow with an anti-dark spot serum and night cream. I then alternate between a clay mask and an overnight repair/hydration mask, depending on my skin’s needs at the time (so add another 10 minutes).

– Nandi Ndlovu, features writer

Five to eight minutes. At night I use a Neutrogena Visibly Clear Blackhead Facial Scrub and rinse with warm water. I then gently dab my face dry, and instead of using a night cream, I use a face oil by Elizabeth Arden. In the morning I use Eucerin DermatoCLEAN Cleansing Gel and a moisturiser with SPF 30 or more.

– Lesley Mathys, senior syndication executive

Two minutes. After a long day, I love the feeling of removing sticky makeup. At night I apply a serum but in the morning just a moisturiser.

– Tina Tshangela, fashion assistant

Your biggest skin fail?

I tried a new face cream minutes before a big event and had a bad reaction. My skin became red and irritated instantly. I quickly dabbed milk on it and used concealer to cover the redness – all over my face!  I had to get to the event and I was late.

– Michelle Brownlee Smith, deputy editor/beauty director

Going to bed with my makeup on. I look terrible the next morning with the smudged product on my face. I also struggle with breakouts and that obviously doesn’t help.

– Tania Durant, fashion assistant

I don’t really get spots, so when one pops up on my face I totally freak out and pop it. Not the best idea though, because it leaves me with dark spots for weeks, which are a nightmare to clear.

– Mpho Sishuta, online intern

My biggest skin fail is not putting on sunscreen before going to the beach. I am pretty fair and don’t usually burn but my face is super sensitive. I definitely have a few more freckles from that bad decision!

– Staci Lazarus, managing editor

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