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Kim Kardashian literally just wore a bra to dinner. Let’s talk about this.

Kim KardashianWithout sounding like your grandparent, Kim Kardashian: we think you’ve forgotten your blouse.

No, but seriously – earlier this week, Kim was seen heading out for dinner in Manhattan with friends wearing a confusing combination of pedal pusher velvet leggings, her much-loved transparent heels, a blazer and a nylon Prada bag. But we’re not here to talk about those.

Under her blazer – in what looked like state of undress – Kim wore just a tiny, sheer bra.

Knowing Kim, this wasn’t just another “When you’re like I have nothing to wear LOL” moment, we all know she has no problem flaunting what she’s got, but it begs the question: is it ever ok to wear just your bra to dinner?!

We’re the first to applaud Kim’s no-f*cks given attitude to fashion, but underwear to dinner: isn’t there some sort of table boob etiquette for this? The same as not being able to go topless in the supermarket, kinda thing? What sort of reception would the average person get walking into their nearest Italian in a lacy balconette? Ok, we realise if you’re Kim Kardashian the same rules need not apply… Does it make a difference if the bra’s Gucci (like Kim’s)?! So many questions.

Do you know what? You do you, Kim. You do you.

If you’re a fan of Kim’s dinner attire but aren’t quite brave enough to go full brassiere, consider a bralette. They’ve become a firm evening staple, and incidentally, look great with a blazer. The jury’s still out on pedal pushers, though.

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