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4 Common relationship problems, solved!

How to solve common relationship problemsDo you and your partner find yourselves constantly arguing about the same thing? If so, you could be in the relationship trap, experiencing a common problem and not knowing how to solve it. Take our advice and life could soon be a whole lot simpler.

Party animal vs party pooper

It’s natural to go out a lot together when you first start dating, but once you settle into a relationship you could find that one of you prefers going out while the other enjoys staying in. Cue tension and resentment. In order to ensure you both get what you need from the other, negotiate a truce where you both stay in one night, you both go out one night and the rest of the week is fair game.

Getting bogged down in details

You always put empty milk cartons back in the fridge. They never change the toilet paper. Small annoyances like these happen numerous times a day, and if you focus on them, can cause huge stress and irritation. Either make a conscious effort to ignore them for the sake of your sanity or compromise by buying milk more often in exchange for the odd toilet paper replacement.

Not saying sorry

Taking responsibility for your mistakes isn’t just the mature thing to do – it’s the right thing to do as well. If either of you has trouble owning your poor choices and apologising for the consequences, it’s bound to cause friction. Take the high road by swallowing your pride and admitting your mistake the next time you make one. Leading by example will only encourage your partner to do the same, making life easier for both of you.


It’s not just the final frontier, it’s one of the leading causes of arguments in most relationships. Either you need more space or they do, and the disparity can lead to repeated, heated rows. Healthy relationships are built on a balance of alone and together time, and if the two of you are fighting, it means there’s an imbalance that needs to be addressed. Take the time to explore where this imbalance lies, and why, and see if a compromise can be reached. You’ll improve your communication and hopefully become closer as a couple at the same time.

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