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How to get off the couch (it’s easier than you think!)

How to get off the couch (it’s easier than you think!)You’re lying on your couch watching TV, fitting perfectly into the indentation you’ve created for yourself – remote in one hand, slab of chocolate in the other. You know you should really be eating something healthy, like a salad, and probably training at the gym afterwards. But it’s just so hard!

If your couch is becoming more of a best friend than a piece of furniture, it’s time to get up and get moving. Although the thought of starting a whole new health journey can be overwhelming, the reality isn’t as scary as you might think. Well, not if you follow these simple steps:

1 Get up. Don’t wait, just put down the remote, put down any junk food you might be snacking on and get up!

2 Now go find a pen and paper. You need to have a plan – you can’t just wander around the house aimlessly. It doesn’t matter if your plan is very loosely organised, just get something on paper so you can start. Your ultimate health goal should be eating guidelines you know you can follow and days of the week you know you’ll be able to train (even if it’s as simple as walking round the block). Stick your plan up somewhere you’ll be able to see it every day, then go get your car keys. 

3 Found them? Right, you’re off to buy some healthy food for your fridge. And while you’re at it, you can also wipe the dust off your trainers and search for your gym membership card, too. This is prep work – getting your ducks in a row before you actually start so that you have a foundation for success already in place. 

4 Now it’s time to phone some friends. No, you’re not going out, don’t get excited. Instead, you’re calling to tell those closest to you what you’ll be doing. Sharing your plans will help create an accountability structure, and give you a base of support to fall back on when times get tough. Like those times when you’ve had a bad day at work and you want to eat an entire chocolate cake by yourself.

5 Get a good night’s sleep, because you’re starting tomorrow. Oh, did we forget to mention that? It doesn’t matter if tomorrow is Wednesday or a friend’s birthday or whatever excuse you normally use to sink deeper into the couch. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll have not just the body, but the life you’ve always wanted. So get up, and go chase your dreams.  

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