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5 Tips for an easier, faster orgasm

5 Tips for an easier, faster orgasmMovies make orgasms seem so easy, like… oops! I just had one. Oops! There goes another one! But women know better. For most of us, having an orgasm requires concentration, trust, wine, lubrication, a vibrator, luck, some strange positions, weird faces, or any combination thereof. To help you out, we thought we’d share some of the best ways to ensure you finish in bed. Sex educator Jenny Block, Ph.D., reveals six of her best tricks below.

1 Be present

“There is nothing better you can do than to really get your head in the game,” says Block. “Forget about work, the laundry, what you’re going to wear to that party and focus on nothing but the sensations you’re experiencing. And definitely don’t give any thought to how you look. Believe me, you look incredibly sexy to the person you’re with. That’s one of the reasons they’re with you!”

2 Communicate with your partner

Heard this one before? Well, that’s because it really is that important, but shockingly few of us speak up. “If your partner is just few inches above or below where you really like to be touched or if things are too fast, too slow, or just not doing it for you, say something! Trust me, your partner in crime wants to make you feel great, so let him or her know what does and doesn’t work for you,” says Block. “If you find it hard to talk about, try saying things like, ‘I love it when you…’ Or, ‘It would really turn me on if you’d…’ or even ‘Can I show you something?'”

3 Move more!

“The human body is designed to move, and motion and vibration really get the female body going,” she says. So move around, be active, and make sure to get your hips into the action, no matter what position you’re in: “Lifting your pelvis to meet your partner’s hands or mouth or a toy might be enough to up the orgasm ante.”

4 Don’t compare your clock with his

Typically, “More time is spent on what works for male partners (penetration) as opposed to what female partners really want and need (clitoral stimulation),” says Block. So, however it is you prefer to get your foreplay, make sure to enjoy it — and not to worry about how long it’s taking.

5 Make noise

Moaning, talking dirty, whispering, shouting — whatever is your thing, do that, says Block. “Sex is a body/mind/spirit practice,” she says. “When you are wholly involved on all fronts, it’s so much easier to have an orgasm.”

Taken from GLAMOUR US. Click here to read the original.

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