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The only 3 things you need in your bedside drawer

Sex is a lot like ice cream: While it’s delicious on its own, it can sometimes benefit from a few carefully selected toppings. Just as you stock bing cherries, whipped cream, and nuts in your kitchen cabinets, you should also fill your bedside drawer with items that can make sex even more fun. Here are our top three must-haves, all available from

The only 3 things you need in your bedside drawer1 A luxurious lubricant

You should want to reach for this water-based aid – not feel uncomfortable when you need it. Be sure to select something that makes you feel good when you yank it out of the drawer. That could mean something sweet-smelling, heat-activated, or so light you forget it’s there. TRY: Yes Water-Based Lubricant (R354).

The only 3 things you need in your bedside drawer2 A vibrator built for two

While you may reach for this toy more often when you’re alone, a vibrator can make sex with your partner more exciting. We like We Vibe Sync Couples Vibrator (R3 524), a vibrator you can use alone or during sex — it stimulates your clitoris and your G-spot, with room left over for his member. Plus, it can be controlled from anywhere via a couple’s phone app!

The only 3 things you need in your bedside drawer3 Massage oil

A good rub-down might be the most relaxing form of foreplay, and we all know that when you’re more relaxed, it’s easier to orgasm. Experiment with scents: cucumber, liquorice, and baby powder have been shown to increase vaginal blood flow, while pumpkin pie and lavender reportedly turn women on. We love Exsens Warming Mint Mojito Gourmet Oil (R450).

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