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5 Conversations you need to have before co-habiting

 moving in togetherIf you and your special someone are talking about moving in together, there are a few issues you need to discuss before making a final decision. Put these talking points on your next agenda, and you’ll avoid potential stresses and concerns down the line.

1 Where will you live?

His place, your place or a new place? Your choice of where to live can be a deal-breaker if you don’t both fully agree on it at first. Wherever you decide to live, make sure there’s enough space for all of your most important possessions and for your individual needs.

2 Who’s paying for what?

Paying for shared expenses such as rent, groceries, utilities and more can be a headache if the guidelines aren’t clearly laid out. Decide whether you’ll each assume individual responsibility for certain bills, whether you’ll split everything 50/50 or whether you’ll have a shared bank account for these essentials, and you’ll safely avoid clashing over financial issues.

3 Who does what?

No one likes doing household chores, which means if one of you feels as if they’re doing more than the other, sparks are sure to fly. Make sure you have a clear idea of who is responsible for which tasks and your household will run like clockwork.

4 What’s important to you?

You’re all about Grey’s Anatomy, book club and Friday afternoon cocktails with the girls. He’s all about Manchester United, Xbox and poker nights with the boys. Discussing your schedules and your non-negotiables will allow you to cater for the other’s needs so that you both feel happy and fulfilled whether you’re together or apart.

5 What’s the end goal?

Why do you want to move in together in the first place? Is it to save on rent, become closer as a couple or to take the next step down the road to marriage? Being on the same page with regards to the growth of your relationship will help clarify your expectations and give you a shared goal to work towards – all of which will help strengthen the bond between you.

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