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4 Tips for boosting your tech skills

4 Tips for boosting your tech skillsWhen you first started out in the workplace, switching your computer on and sending emails was about as tech-savvy as you needed to be. Now, however, with technology moving at such a rapid pace, being able to keep up with industry advances could make you more marketable, and more valuable as well. Here’s how to update your skillset and ensure you always stay relevant.

1 Put your hand up

Is there an upcoming project that involves your IT department? Is there an opening for a liaison between your department and theirs? Look for opportunities to become more involved with technology at work and start learning from the experts on your doorstep.

2 Take a course

Many companies offer free or subsidised training, so if you can find a course on software, coding or anything IT-related, motivate for why you should sign up. You’ll look pro-active and career-focused, and you’ll learn some valuable new skills at the same time.

3 Do your research

Have a few minutes free? Use your time wisely and partner with the internet to increase your IT knowledge. Do some Google searches on areas you’d like to learn more about, then watch YouTube videos and tutorials. Just make sure to let your supervisor know what you’re doing first!

4 Make friends

The internet isn’t just for learning – it’s for interacting, too. Join a community or forum of tech experts, and start asking questions and reading conversations. You’ll have a direct link to all the information you need and the potential to make useful connections as well.

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