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Travel light: 5 Ways to stay healthy on holiday

Travel light: 5 Ways to stay healthy on holidayWhether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, it’s always fun to get away. However, being out of your daily routine can mess with your waistline. Take a look at our tips for staying healthy in any situation and make sure you come home without any excess baggage.

1 Make a list

If you’ll be cooking your own meals, either while camping or at a self-catering facility, you’ll have complete control over your menu. Simply decide on your meals in advance, shop strictly according to your list, and you won’t have any indulgences lying around to tempt you.

2 Plan in advance

Hotel buffets can be a treasure trove of foodie delights, but can also be laden with kilojoules, too. Rather than filling up your plate with every treat that comes your way, take a walk past the available options and plan your meal first. You’ll be able to control your portion sizes, and you won’t feel the need to undo that pesky top button afterwards.

3 Snack smart

If you’re stuck in meetings and conferences all day, or on the go with constant activities, you may not have time to eat an actual meal. Plan ahead for hunger pangs by packing healthy snacks, such as biltong, raw veggies, nuts or a protein shake. You’ll have the energy you need to make it through the day, and you won’t overeat at your next meal.

4 Take a hike

While lazy morning lie-ins can be oh-so-tempting, the opportunities for exercise are everywhere, even when away from home. Most hotels these days have their own gyms and swimming pools, and beachfront resorts are perfect for early morning runs. If you’re out in the wilderness, hiking, walking and trail running are all ideal options.

5 Drink responsibly

If you’re at a resort, the need to sun yourself with bottomless cocktails by your side can be strong. Unfortunately, cocktails and calories go hand in hand. Rather than blowing all your hard work on a few evenings of Mai Tais, give yourself permission to have one or two cocktails at a time, and alternate each drink with a glass of sparkling water. You’ll get to have your fun in the sun, and stay healthy and hydrated at the same time.

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