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    5 Traits that all successful women share

    Text: Nicola Davidson; Photography: People Images

    Every successful woman has these 5 qualities. Do you?We all want to do well in our careers – move up the ladder, take on more responsibility and boost our bank accounts – but what does it take to become really successful? Let’s take a look:

    1 Communication

    Are you able to communicate clearly and intelligently both in speaking and in writing? Displaying strong communication skills is a huge bonus in any role, make sure to check your emails and your work for any errors, and speak with confidence. Is public speaking a weak spot? Then sign up for training classes. Your willingness to expand your skill set will be noticed.

    2 Self-motivated

    If you’re able to take initiative, and take on extra responsibilities, too, you could soon see yourself rising up the ranks. The next time you’re assigned a task outside your specific role, take it and make it shine.

    3 Hard-working

    Work ethic is one of the first things that employers look at when considering staff for a promotion, so be prepared to put in some effort. Work consistently, be willing to learn and give your absolute best.

    4 Willingness to help

    If you’re a team player, you’ll be appreciated by your colleagues and your superiors alike. Employees who consistently lend a hand to their peers help to create an atmosphere of positivity and mutual respect.

    5 Quick to learn

    Are you able to easily adapt to new situations, technologies and environments? If you can learn quickly and adjust accordingly, you’ll soon see the changes that you’ve been working towards.

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