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Tasty lunchtime treats (that won’t pack on the kilos)

Tasty lunchtime treats (that won't pack on the pounds)How many times have you forgotten to bring lunch to work and grabbed a burger, toasted sandwich or pizza slice instead? Or you brought lunch with you, but that slap-chips-and-sauce combo from across the road is just SO much more exciting?

Even if you’re on the healthy choices track, work lunches can often derail you when faced with the convenience and yumminess of fast food. So don’t give into the siren call of fried chicken – rather try one of these delicious (and super healthy) lunchtime alternatives instead:

About last night

Nothing’s quicker or easier than making a lunch out of last night’s dinner. Simply prepare an extra portion or two the night before, store in plastic containers and voilà – heat if necessary, dish up and enjoy!

The clear choice

If you’re a lover of salads, then mason jars are your friend. Simply fill up a selection of glass jars with your favourite types of salad, making sure to put juicier ingredients, such as tomatoes, at the very bottom, and ending with lettuce at the top. Salad jars will usually keep in your fridge for 4-5 days, depending on the ingredients you use, so simply prepare them ahead of time, grab one to take to work, and fill up on goodness.

Snack attack

As much as lunches can be a trigger point for unhealthy choices, so can snacking during the work day. Resist the temptation to become close personal friends with the office vending machine, and instead bring along healthy snacks such as biltong, nuts, yoghurt, fruit or raw vegetables – and always make sure that when you snack it’s because you’re genuinely hungry and not just bored.


There’s no need to run to the deli downstairs for a panini or a baguette – not when you can make one yourself! Simply buy a selection of your favourite breads and sandwich ingredients over the weekend, then take them to work every day for freshly prepared sarmie scrumptiousness. You’ll save on shop-bought prices, and you won’t have any calorie-laden sauce or mayonnaise surprises either.

Mix and match

No time to prep? No problem! Throw some raw veg, fruit, and salad ingredients into your trolley during your weekly shop, along with easy-to-use protein such as tuna, roast chicken, cold meats and even biltong. Then take all your yummy bits and pieces along to work and let your creativity shine. Who needs greasy fish and chips when you can have pomegranate, fig, and balsamic chicken salad instead? A week full of deliciousness awaits!

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