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Your most embarrassing waxing questions, answered!

Your most embarrassing waxing questions, answered!Some questions are way too embarrassing to ask out loud, so we’ve done the asking for you. WAXIT is a beauty bar dedicated solely to smooth skin, a place where men and women can have their hair removal needs expertly and discreetly met. Michelle Royston, the director, answers our most pressing questions:

“I’ve never had a bikini wax before because I’m too shy to get so naked in front of a stranger. How does the process work? Am I totally naked?”

It depends on what you prefer and which body areas you’d like to focus on. We offer boob tubes and disposable underwear for the not-so-brave. For the brave, we love naked. Our staff are professionals and have seen it all before – it’s like going to the gynae.

“I want to try waxing but I’m so afraid of the pain, and scared I might cry! How terrible is it really?”

Everyone’s tolerance is different, but you can expect a short, stinging sensation after the strip is pulled. If you’re not good with pain, you can take an ibuprofen or aspirin 30 minutes before your appointment to minimise discomfort. We also have a desensitising gel that can be purchased and applied just before your session. (Always consult with your physician before taking medication.) Lastly, keep it up: continuous waxing lessens the amount of hair you have, so waxing will become less painful.

“I really want my husband to wax his back hair but he’s convinced he’ll be the only man in the salon. Is waxing popular among men?”

Yes, 35% of our client base is male. Over the past few years, waxing has become increasingly popular with the boys.

“I have a lot of coarse facial hair for a woman. Do you see a lot of women with this issue and can you help?”

Yes, this is very common. We prefer threading women with coarse hair, as it reduces your risk of allergies or sensitivity.

“I’ve been plucking my own eyebrows for years and they’re horribly crooked and thin. Should I let them grow out and fill in before coming in for a professional brow wax?”

Yes! The more hair we have to work with the easier it is to shape and then tint, so filling becomes unnecessary.

WAXIT is based in Douglasdale, Menlyn Maine, Kyalami Corner and Lonehill. For more info, visit

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