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Man Candy Monday

Brendal Fallis Canadian DJ Brendan Fallis gained worldwide attention from the fashion and music industries when he used Kate Moss’s vocals for his track ‘Day and all night’, for Stuart Weitzman’s Autumn/Winter 2013 campaign. Since then, he’s provided music for some of the world’s most high-profile events and designer campaigns. When we found out he was in Cape Town for the Hugo Boss store re-launch at the V&A Waterfront, we couldn’t resist catching up to find out more about him.

What would you describe as your best attribute?

That’s a tough question as I don’t really like talking about myself that way, but I guess I’d have to say my positive attitude. Everything happens for a reason and as long as you can find the positive side of it, it’s all a learning experience you can benefit from.

What instantly attracts you to a woman?

A woman who confidently introduces herself with some great eye contact and can hold a conversation is always attractive to me. Also, I’m never mad at a great ass.

Describe your ideal date?

My ideal date is cooking a meal together and having a bottle of wine or two while doing so. There are so many good, intimate moments to be had while cooking together in the confines of a kitchen.

What fills the spot at the top of your dream destination list?

Well, for so long it was Cape Town, that’s why I’m so happy that Hugo Boss brought me back again for their amazing store opening event. But now that it’s checked off the list I’d have to say New Zealand and the Seychelles.

Brendan Fallis

What’s your favourite drink?

Non-alcoholic: water, the more the better. Alcoholic: tequila on the rocks with fresh lime.

What’s on your playlist right now?

A lot of Kayatranada, some Drake and a sprinkle of John Coltrane.

Do you have any regrets when it comes to past relationships?

No regrets, it’s all a learning experience and I wouldn’t be where I am now if it hadn’t been for all the decisions I made and the situations that took place. I feel completely happy now and can only be thankful for my past.

Who is your Woman Crush Wednesday?

My Woman Crush Wednesday is and will always be, the one and only, Hannah

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