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Win with GLAMOUR and BodytecWant a bikini body but don’t have time to hit the gym? Then BODYTEC is for you!

This fabulous training solution allows you to squeeze your fitness routine into a mere 20 minutes a week. No more forcing yourself to endure long gym sessions and heavy workouts to achieve results. By combining personal training with Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS), BODYTEC helps you to quickly and visibly tone up and improve core strength.

Recently, some of the GLAMOUR team members attended BODYTEC for a month. Here, one team member shares her experience:

Week 1

The trainer strapped me up in a BODYTEC suit (which was wet) and connected me to a machine. While I was wondering if I was about to be electrocuted, she turned on the power and my muscles started to contract. The feeling was both pleasing and odd, and a bicep curl was even a challenge working against the pressure of the current. I laughed at the odd feeling and the 20-minute session flew by. I left feeling completely exhausted, thirsty and starving. During the week, I spent a lot of time wondering how my body could feel so sore from just 20 minutes of exercise…

Week 2

I was so excited for my session this week – which was easily squeezed into my lunch break! The trainer pushed up the intensity and made me work hard. I left with endorphins running through my body. The stiffness wasn’t as bad this week, and I SWEAR I started to see some muscle definition, particularly in my arms. I spent the week pining for another session.

Week 3

As I walked in, I excitedly reported to my trainer that I could see some muscle definition. So – like all good trainer – she pushed me even harder that day! I left exhausted but looking forward to seeing how my body would change. I felt really stiff for the next few days, but didn’t complain because my arms were looking fab!

Week 4

The final week was great! I felt strong and healthy, and really pushed myself to the limit. I was sad that it was my last session, but keen to look into joining BODYTEC. I marched my newly toned muscles to work, feeling much stronger than I had just weeks before and surprised by the changes we could see after 80 minutes of exercise.

Keen to try it out for yourself? You’re in luck! This month, BODYTEC is giving two lucky readers four training sessions each! To stand a chance of winning, simply enter your details below.

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