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How to make your LinkedIn profile work for you

How to make your LinkedIn profile work for you Think LinkedIn doesn’t make a difference these days? Think again! Sprucing up your profile and keeping it current can help you get noticed by recruiters, HR personnel and potential employers, too. So if you’re on the lookout for a new job, time to log in and give your account a makeover!

1 Start at the top

Headlines are always the first thing anyone reads, so make sure your LinkedIn header gets you noticed. If you haven’t made any changes to yours it will automatically be populated with your job title and company, but it doesn’t need to be. Consider using industry-related keywords that employers might be searching for, and make your headline stand out from the crowd.

2 Say cheese

Research shows that LinkedIn profiles with photographs get more hits than those without, so make sure you have one that’s current and business-appropriate. You’ll also be able to update your background photograph at the same time, keeping in mind that any images you post will be an employer’s first impression of you – so maybe rethink that group shot from Tequila Tuesday.

3 Market yourself

The summary field is your chance to highlight your achievements, so use it wisely. List the most recent projects and accomplishments you’re proud of, and consider using images or videos to support your statements. Make your summary interesting and engaging, and employers will be motivated to read on.

4 Go big or go home

The LinkedIn profile format gives you ample opportunity to showcase your skills and experience, so make the most of it. Complete all the sections on relevant work history, education, volunteer associations and so on, giving prospective employers as complete a picture of you and your strengths as possible.

5 Phone a friend

One of the highlights of LinkedIn is its recommendations feature, so use it to your advantage. Endorsements are always beneficial, but a recommendation from a past colleague or manager will give your profile an even bigger boost. Reach out to previous employers, peers and workmates and ask them to write a recommendation for you – it could be the deciding factor in any potential job opportunities going forward.

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