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    #Trending at London Fashion Week

    Text: James R. Sanders; Photography: IMAXtree

    It doesn’t get more fabulous than these standout looks from London Fashion Week. This season, designers brought their A-game on the runway with abstract cuts and quirky pieces. See our five favourite trends from the London runways.

    #Trending at London Fashion Week

    Pringle of Scotland

    1 Long and bare, don’t care

    The trend: Long coats and shirts

    Why we love it: Long coats and shirts are smart and dramatic.

    How to wear it: This trend is best worn with skinny or form-fitting trousers. Self-conscious about your curves? Long coats and shirts fall below the waist and give the illusion of a slimmer figure. Plus, they add additional height.

    #Trending at London Fashion Week

    Molly Goddard

    2 Frills and thrills

    The trend: Flounces and layering

    Why we love it: Flounces make everything look a little more expensive, and layering gives endless options on hot days and cold nights.

    How to wear it: Because flounces make a big impression, pair them with something simple and clean-cut. Look for minimalistic pieces that complement the flounce without commanding any attention. As for layering, experiment with colours and prints that work well together.

    #Trending at London Fashion Week


    3 Flower  power

    The trend: Floral prints

    Why we love it: “Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.” That might be the attitude of Miranda Priestly (The Devil Wears Prada), but we still love the trend because it never goes out of style – which makes it an instant classic appropriate for any situation (except for a meeting with Miranda, of course).

    How to wear it: Make the floral trend new and fresh by pairing it with other floral numbers. When doing so, items should have simple cuts and silhouettes.

    #Trending at London Fashion Week


    4 Baggy, but never saggy

    The trend: Loose-cut trousers and oversized knitwear

    Why we love it: Loose trousers are casual and can make you feel like you’re walking among the clouds. Oversized knitwear can be stylish while also providing just as much warmth as a winter coat.

    How to wear it: Embrace the ‘90s trend by pairing loose-cut trousers with figure-hugging tops and long necklaces. Or, complement your trousers with oversized knitwear and push the relaxed, chic sense of effortless style to another level.

    #Trending at London Fashion Week

    Mary Katrantzou

    5 Shine bright like a diamond


    The trend: Sequins, beading and iridescent textiles

    Why we love it: Every girl wants to shine at some point. This trend makes a lasting impression without you having to say a word.

    How to wear it: Keep accessories to a minimum when wearing high-shine items – you don’t want to take attention away from your outfit. Rather, ground your ensemble with neutrals like black or white.

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