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3 Ways to stay safe in the digital world

3 Ways to stay safe onlineDo you love Facebook, Instagram, online shopping and Google? Then apply these measures to make sure that you and your identity stay safe, says Alexander Seher, VP of Business Development at the privacy-protection company TrackOFF.

1 Have strong, unique passwords for every website

Passwords are the top target for hackers, who use this information to crash your privacy and your bank accounts. Be on the lookout for phony websites that request your details, and don’t use the same password across several sites. If you’re worried about remembering a range of passwords, try a system like RoboForm, which generates complex ones and enters them securely onto a trusted device for you.

2 Enhance your privacy on social media

Social media may be free, but it could come at another kind of cost, so limit the personal information you post (such as your address, birthday and email details), check your privacy settings, and be aware that trackers can collect and sell information about you, based on your check-ins, relationship status updates  whereabouts, leisure habits and interests.

3 Block all forms of online tracking

Feel like you’re being followed? You are — every time you go online! This is because websites use tracking cookies to understand your browsing habits, and then they hit you with ads that are based on your history of video-viewing, online shopping and stories consumed. Even more disturbing is “digital fingerprinting” which is gathers your personal info, such as your username, credit card numbers, and even your financial and medical history. If you find this worrying, use comprehensive privacy-protection software that blocks digital fingerprint- and cookie-based tracking.

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