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How to remove your gel nails at home

How to remove your gel nails at homeLet’s face it, when time is an issue, you usually do things you shouldn’t – like peel off your gel-cured nails. Big mistake, you realise afterwards! The damage to your nails takes months to recover from.

“You can remove them safely at home,” says Cape Town Beauty Bar nail technician Belinda Mbali, who would rather you take care of your nail bed than avoid gel-cured nails altogether.  “Gel nails are convenient and long-lasting,” says Belinda. “They don’t cause damage unless removed incorrectly.” Next time you’re tempted to commit this beauty sin, follow Belinda’s tips instead:

Collect your tools

You’ll need a nail file, cotton wool, acetone nail polish remover, a wooden orange stick and tin foil (torn into little square shapes).


Using the nail file, buff the seal of the colour using the fine grain side.


Dip your cotton wool into polish remover and hold in place on your nail by wrapping the tin foil around your fingertips.


After five minutes, check to see if the colour looks crumbly. If not, wait longer.


Using your wooden orange stick, gently remove the crumbly colour. If it doesn’t move, don’t force it. Put the cotton swab back on for longer.

Buff gently

Once your nails are smooth, swipe with polish remover, apply a cuticle oil and push back your cuticles gently.

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