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The 3 biggest nail mistakes you’re making. Easy fixes here!

The 3 biggest nail mistakes you’re making. Easy fixes here!Cape Town Beauty Bar nail technician Belinda Mbali has seen it all. Working with nails of all shapes and sizes, these are the mistakes she sees you making (and simple solutions to fix them). 

1 Not sterilising your tools

“If you share nail clippers, orange sticks or any nail tools, you could spread bacteria and cause infection,” says Belinda. “Simply spritz your tools when you’re finished with them, with cleansing spritz or some Savlon.”

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2 Cutting your nails incorrectly

“Actually don’t cut them at all,” she suggests. “A nail clipper can cause your nails to separate. Instead, file your nails down with a coarse file.”

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3 Forgetting a base coat

“You’ll see a yellow stain on your nails after removing your nail polish. To sort out the stain, buff it with a fine-grain buffer,” she adds. 

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