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3 Eye makeup trends to try this summer

Straight from the runways! Makeup artist Lucia Pieroni breaks down her prettiest creations.

3 Eye makeup trends to try this summer1 The violet smoky eye

Using a fluffy brush, dust a tiny bit of purple shadow on the lids of the eyes up to the crease. Layer on extra colour, a little at a time, and blend the edges well. No eyeliner or mascara needed – you want the shadow to look soft and ethereal. “A sooty powder shadow makes the look,” says Lucia.

Your bold-eye essentials: Clinique All About Shadow Quads in Going Steady (R495)

3 Eye makeup trends to try this summer
2 The glowy lids

This look is all about luminous, glossy eyelids, says Lucia. “It gives depth rather than the ‘Hey, I’ve got shadow on’ effect. And when you blink, you get a pretty flash of light.” Use a creamy shadow (to mimic the texture of your skin) in a colour one shade darker than your skin tone and apply to your crease.

Your glowy essentials: Smashbox Limitless 15 Hr Wear Cream Shadow in Quartz (R300)

3 Eye makeup trends to try this summer3 The cool cat-eye

“The emphasis is between the eyes – it’s very feline.” One note: “This look works best on wide-set eyes,” she says. Skip it “if yours are close together.” Apply a light grey shadow at the inner corner of your eyes, layering to get the intensity you like. For a more muted take, skip the shadow and line the inner third of eyes with a grey pencil, then blend, blend, blend!

Your smoky eye essentials: Urban Decay Iconic Eyeshadow in Gunmetal (R225)

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