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Your life in stars!

2017 horoscopeGet ready for a new year of love, discovery and growth with this 2017 guide by our fabulous GLAMOUR astrologer Leigh Goldberg.

 22 DECEMBER – 19 JANUARY Like singer Meghan Trainor (22 December 1993), you’re ambitious and practical. Your work, money and love life are strong, but stop taking life seriously and live a little!

Love If you’re single, you’ll be happy to know that many admirers are in store for you this year. Just take off your rose-tinted glasses and apply caution. Involved? Now is the time to start heating things up in the bedroom. Best love month March

Soulmate Romantic Pisceans feature strongly in 2017, as do Scorpios, but beware of their power games. You’ll also attract an older authority figure with a Capricorn nature.

Work In order to gain respect from your peers, you must show your discipline and enthusiasm for work. There is also a chance of a hot romance with a colleague. Best work months January, December Money

Money comes easily, and you’ll want to upgrade your lifestyle, but be sure to save for any charity projects. Best money month May Health Take special care of your skin and teeth this year, and visit your gynaecologist for regular check-ups. Best health months February, September


 20 JANUARY – 18 FEBRUARY Like singer Alicia Keys (25 January 1981), you’re eccentric and innovative. Karma takes over in love, and special relationships will develop. You’ll have a lot of energy for work, and international opportunities will come into the picture – look forward to the progress!

Love You’ll be responsible in love this year, and able to spot problems early and handle them maturely. Strong karmic forces and synchronicity will lead you to your mate. Best love month February

Soulmate Your main attractions this year will be an analytical Virgo, ambitious Capricorn, philosophical Sagittarian, charming Libran and fascinating Piscean.

Work The stars indicate that you’ll be highly efficient and energetic towards work projects, and many of them will be done at home. Intuition and empathy will be key, and if you’re in a career such as psychology or social work, you will be extremely busy. Best work month August

Money Those offshore investments you made in the past will finally pay off, especially those relating to property. Best money month January

Health It’s crucial to keep hydrated and get lots of rest. Best health month February


19 FEBRUARY – 20 MARCH Like singer Rihanna (20 February 1988), you’re imaginative and compassionate. In this year of hard work and courage, you need to step up and take charge.

Love Positive developments and sexy times are heading your way, and you’ll become more mature about love. Partnered up? Your relationship will grow. If you’re single, love will find you as long as you literally step out and put yourself in a position to attract it. Best love month March

Soulmate Virgos will feature strongly in your life this year, challenging you where your soul needs it. Get ready for a wild ride with an energetic Arian, a close friendship with an Aquarian and an attraction to a Libran.

Work This will be an interesting year if you work in education, travel or media. You’ll break away from your co-workers and become an authority in your field – accept this position with grace. If past problems surface, it’s only because they were undefeated challenges, and although you’re in for hard work, you’ll see magnificent results. Best work months January, September

Money Financial independence will be your goal, and property will be a huge factor in this, whether it’s your home or your workspace. Beware of impulse buys and get a financial advisor to help get your money in order. Best money month May

Health Take good care of your feet, as they are prone to injuries. It’s time to make exercise a priority and avoid returning to old, bad habits, like comfort eating. Best health months March, April


 21 MARCH – 19 APRIL Like reality star Courtney Kardashian (18 April 1979), you’re spontaneous and a natural-born leader. This is the year to completely commit to yourself, your career, finances and romance.

Love Balance is crucial this year. Love wise, you and your partner both want to know where you stand. If you’re single and looking for total romance, there may be lessons in love as you’ll attract the opposite of what you want. Use this to establish exactly what you do need. Best love month November

Soulmate You’ll encounter strong Libran energy or a partner who teaches you the importance of relationships. A fellow Arian may grab your attention and an earthy Taurean will become a close friend.

Work Your dedication to your career brings a dramatic change and will see you travelling internationally. Use this period to make connections and nurture your professional development. Follow your dreams and commit to stepping outside your comfort zone for positive changes. Best work month February

Money This is the year for your finances to flourish, as you’re well-starred to earn well and will have time to focus on your money. It will be key to find a financial advisor and save, as you’ll feel tempted to impulse buy. Be especially careful with money decisions around 7 February-10 June. Best money month July

Health Challenge yourself to get fitter and healthier. Best health month February


20 APRIL – 20 MAY Like actress Jessica Alba (28 April 1981), you’re determined and reliable. This is a spectacular year for new beginnings – financially and intellectually. Step out of your comfort zone as good things are coming!

Love Involved? Marriage will be a great topic of conversation between you and your partner, and if you’re unattached, old dating habits will be replaced with a new attitude to life that will lead to lasting love. Best love month June

Soulmate You’re set to attract a Taurean, Capricorn or Piscean this year. A Taurean will enhance your self-confidence and help you financially, and you may buy property together. A Capricorn will come via international travel and studies, and a Piscean through your friends. Be open to all possibilities.

Work You’ll be motivated and driven in 2017, as you see that you need to use your unique talents to become independent. Travel, media and other people’s money will help you get where you want to be. Best work months February, March

Money This is an important year for your dreams and goals, and money will flow freely. Be open to trying new things to reap the rewards you richly deserve. Best money months June, August

Health You have a naturally strong constitution, and the only thing to be aware of on the health front will be to stretch properly when you exercise. Best health months September, October


21 MAY – 20 JUNE Like supermodel Naomi Campbell (22 May 1970), you’re bright and adaptable. This is your year for finding creative inspiration and deep meaning in your work, as well as bonding intensely with your partner.

Love Fun times lie ahead for those in relationships, and children and commitment will be discussed in depth with your significant other. If you’re seeking love, you’ll attract someone who has children of their own, and the strongest chance of meeting them will be through friends. Best love months February, July

Soulmate A range of mates will enter your life in 2017. The standouts: a charming Gemini, worldly Sagittarius, feisty Arian or sociable Libran. Taureans may pop up, but these encounters will likely lead to friendships. Whoever you choose must stimulate and excite you.

Work You have a lot to offer in the workplace, but the important thing for your freedom of expression is to dig deep emotionally to understand what gives your life the greatest meaning and what will attract a career that helps many people. Your best fields for 2017 include teaching, fashion design, illustration and music. Best work months June, August

Money Self-expression and creativity will bring you abundance, but it will be crucial to take breaks so that you can recharge and be inspired with more ideas for wealth. Best money months May, July

Health Combine exercise with socialising this year by working out with friends or a personal trainer. Best health month September


 21 JUNE – 22 JULY Like actress Margot Robbie (2 July 1990), you’re protective and sympathetic. This year will take your love life and approach to relationships to a new level of commitment. You’ll find financial abundance and happiness at work as you apply your passion to what you do.

Love This is a year of break up or make up, and if it’s a make up, you may very well be walking down the aisle. Seeking love? You’re in for many lessons about love as well as the likelihood that your old patterns will shift when you meet someone special both with authority and power. Best love month August

Soulmate You’ll have deep connections with Scorpios and Pisceans in 2017, and a down-to-Earth Capricorn is set to shake up your world and open your eyes to a very different way of being. Philosophical Sagittarius also offer a profound perspective on life.

Work Your career may bring you into the public eye, and you can expect to be travelling extensively as your business takes you into international territory. Keep people in your circle informed about developments in your job, as this may support your progress in practical ways. Best work months June, August

Money Trust your intuition and you’ll attract money easily in 2017. Look to the beauty industry and anything related to aesthetics for this abundance of wealth. Best money months June, July

Health Take more time to relax, meditate and connect. Best health months January, April


 23 JULY – 22 AUGUST Like reality star Kylie Jenner (10 August 1997), you’re artistic, enthusiastic and generous. This year you’ll connect profoundly with friends and colleagues, and love will take you on a sexy and romantic rollercoaster ride.

Love Love is at the centre of your world, and an old flame may return to your life. You’ll need to be in the right place at the right time to attract romance, and this year you’ll learn to accept love for how it makes you feel, rather than for its appearances. Best love months October

Soulmate Through 2017, there will be many people who will have a great impact on your life: challenging Aquarians, tender Pisceans, dreamy Librans, brainy Geminis and loud and proud Leos.

Work Your career will find you in the media world – PR, marketing or advertising – and the written word will be a highlight for you. A lot of this work will involve the arts, beauty and feminine energy. Best work month June

Money Business partnerships, especially with other women, will help you increase your income, and you’ll use your womanly charm and amazing connections to access greater wealth. Best money month May

Health Your body requires plenty of cardio and a programme for heart-healthy eating. And do book an appointment with your optometrist. Best health month August


 23 AUGUST – 22 SEPTEMBER Like singer Beyoncé (4 September 1981), you’re shy, analytical and diligent. This year is about putting energy into your work and building your finances through careful planning. Expect a shift in love.

Love Even if your partner is very different to you, this is the year to accept them for who they are and doing so will also help you face your self-doubt issues. Unattached? The phrase ‘opposites attract’ will apply, so get set to see that love has no boundaries. The person you may be drawn to might not be perfect, but they will love you completely. Best love months March, November

Soulmate Expect an interesting 2017, as you won’t attract your obvious choices. A dreamy Piscean will step into the picture, and Librans may challenge and confuse you. Cancerians will give you the attention that you crave and a fellow Virgo will understand you.

Work It’ll be crucial to take a nurturing attitude into your workplace, and you’ll be drawn to careers like nursery school teaching, finance, food and anything where you can work from home or nurture others. Best work months January, September

Money Study financial contracts carefully, as you are warned against duplicitous people. On a lighter note, you’ll happily spend on fun and international travel. Best money month April

Health A recurring injury from the past manifests and will need attention. Take care of your ankles by always warming up before exercise, and learn to release tension. Best health month September


 23 SEPTEMBER – 22 OCTOBER Like actress Dakota Johnson (4 October 1989), you’re sociable and charming. This is a year to mingle and enjoy love that sweeps you off your feet. Put yourself first at work and be proactive at all times.

Love Singletons, you’ll meet someone through your social circle, so get out as much as you can, embracing your femininity and showing off those curves! If you’re partnered up, you and your significant other will have lots of fun together spending time with groups of people. Best love month January

Soulmate Arians ignite your inner fire and Aquarians challenge you intellectually. Virgos will be an unexpected choice for a mate, but will also make great friends. Give lots of attention to generous and flashy Leos, brainy Geminis and interesting Sagittarians.

Work Give yourself time to perfect your craft and put in extra effort, for this will serve you well. Follow your intuition, knowing that the more you give to yourself, the more you’ll be able to give to your work life. Best work month September

Money Set your intentions for the year and channel energy into the steps you need to take for material success. Your money will go into big projects that affect the community around you and nourish your soul. Best money month June

Health Watch out for lower back or kidney pain, and see your gynaecologist for regular check-ups. Best health months October, November


 23 OCTOBER – 21 NOVEMBER Like singer Ciara (25 October 1985), you’re seductive and fiery. You’re in for a year of appreciation, financial success and satisfaction at work. Your love life will be sensual, and if you’re single now, it may not be for much longer.

Love This is a year for planning a wedding or deepening your commitment. Single? You can expect great romantic possibilities, many of which will begin as friendships. There will be strong sexual energy all year round. Best love months March, July, November, December

Soulmate Strong and stubborn Taureans take your sex life to a new level. Librans are best friends who will analyse the situation before getting close. Fellow Scorpios bring deep discussions, strong emotions and sexy exploration.

Work What a fantastic work year! Careers that will appeal to you include finance, visual arts, beauty, design, gardening and catering. By the end of the year, you’ll look back with a great feeling of satisfaction. Best work months September, October

Money There is a complete change or an opportunity for change in your finances this year via business or large financial institutions. International trade could see you sitting pretty by the end of 2017, so breath easy. Best money months March, April

Health Headaches may plague you and you’ll also need to watch your alcohol intake. See your gynaecologist regularly and make sure you get enough sleep. Best health month November


22 NOVEMBER – 21 DECEMBER Like model Chrissy Teigen (30 November 1985), you’re optimistic, independent and honest. This is the year to get smart with your cash, attract exciting adventures in love and master your work by incorporating the masculine and feminine aspects of your personality.

Love If single, you’ll meet someone through travel or study, and this person could be foreign, speak many languages or travel a lot internationally. If you’re in a relationship, expect a deeper and richer love life that will involve travelling together and much emotional growth. Best love months October, November, December

Soulmate Look out for an entertaining and chatty Gemini, a fascinating Sagittarian, charming Libran or sexy Scorpio this year. And have fun!

Work Your feminine and masculine aspects will

come into play, as you’ll need to be tough and rational in professional partnerships, but delicate when dealing with aspects of your job that appeal to women. You may also team up with friends to create beautiful projects together. Best work month June

Money Your money is very safe and secure this year, and your finances will expand. You may also gain financially through your partner. Best money months January, October

Health Take care when working with scissors, knives or blades, as you’re prone to accidents. Best health months September, October

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