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GLAMOUR and SWEAT1000 take on MAD2Run

GLAMOUR and SWEAT1000 take on MAD2RunGLAMOUR’s special projects and events manager Sarah Tuft is doing what most of us would consider crazy – she’s willingly running a relay from Joburg to Cape Town! But it’s all for a good cause. Together with SWEAT1000, we’ll be tracking Sarah’s progress as she trains for this phenomenal challenge.

The reason

“MAD2Run is a 24-hour, seven-day relay from Joburg to Cape Town in aid of the Make a Difference Leadership Foundation,” explains Sarah. “The task is daunting, but the training is even more so! I have run a number of half-marathons this year but the intensity and distance of MAD2Run means that I actually need to improve my strength.

 “I have identified SWEAT1000 as my training partner, because they provide the high-intensity training and full-body workout that this challenge requires. The workout itself incorporates interval training, weight training, boxing and running. The workouts change daily, so you are never doing the same thing twice.”

And so it begins…

“I thought I might die. Literally. My friend had to drag me off the floor. Nowhere in Cape Town do you get a such a high-intensity workout that is so much fun at the same time! DJ JungleGum playing the beats was one sure way for me to forget that I was sprinting faster than Usain Bolt (or so I’d like to believe).

 “The best thing about SWEAT1000 is that the workouts are tailored for all fitness levels! The instructors ensure that you feel totally comfortable from the get-go. Paul and Andrew Rothschild, co-founders and owners of SWEAT1000, have created a programme that is not only an excellent way to get fit, but one which you actually look forward to.”

Follow Sarah’s fitness trip here, where we will be updating you along the way with a number of exercises that you can replicate at home. We will also be running a competition on where you could win a three-month training programme with SWEAT1000 in early 2017.

Follow @sweat_1000 on Instagram for the motivation you need to get up and get moving! #beatyourbest

For more information on MAD2Run, click here.

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