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    Get party-ready eyes, instantly!

    Text: Staff; Photography: IMAXtree

    How to get party-ready eyes, instantlyGet ready to party! Five minutes is all you need for peepers worthy of celebration. Here’s how it’s done…

    Step 1

    Start by smoothing a creamy concealer under your eyes and over your lids. It’ll cover up dark circles and prevent your liner from smudging or fading.

    Step 2

    Cover your lids with a taupe or neutral eyeshadow. Anything darker or brighter will compete for attention with the liner.

    Step 3

    Draw a line with a bright coloured liner. To get a smooth, continuous line, make little dots along your lash line and then join them up, creating the perfect flick.

    Step 4

    Finish off by applying black mascara to your upper lashes, and lining your lower inner rims with a beige pencil to make your eyes appear even brighter. Party up a storm!

    Learn to how to wear coloured eyeliner without looking like a 6-year-old here. And be sure to check out these 6 eyeliner tricks!

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