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Running with Lalla Hirayama

Running with Lalla HirayamaAhead of her first 21km race at the 2016 Soweto Marathon this weekend, M-Net and Vuzu TV presenter, Lalla Hirayama chats to GLAMOUR about running and the red carpet.

How do you find the time to work out with such a busy schedule?

Fitness and health are very important to me. I rely a lot on my body to perform, especially with all the travel and a fast-paced schedule, so I really have to feed it with the right fuel and energy. When I’m home, I keep in shape with gym workouts, Bikram yoga and running. The beauty of running is that you can do it anywhere, so I always travel with my running kit.

What inspired you to sign up for your first 21km race?

It was thanks to coach Peteni of Nike+ Run Club (NRC) Joburg and all the runners who train with NRC. I’ve always loved to run, and after going through some recent health issues and weight gain, I decided the 21km run would be the perfect way to reach my new goals and get my body back into shape. 

How have you been prepping for the race?

My running schedule is set out with specific workout days, run days and recovery days. I’ve added a few road runs, weightlifting, treadmill sessions and yoga, which helps elongate my muscles and assists with recovery. In addition to my daily supplements, I’ve incorporated protein shakes, upped my water intake and maintained healthy eating habits.

What are you most looking forward to about running ‘The People’s Race’?

This is my first race ever, so it’s all going to be new for me. I hear the energy is electric and you get swept up in the awesome vibe right from the start to the finish line. I’m really looking forward to experiencing it all. It’s ‘The People’s Race’ and watching human beings pushing themselves out of their comfort zones is truly inspiring.

What is your favourite workout on the NTC App?

The NTC App is phenomenal, and I love changing it up, but my favourite is definitely ‘strength’. I crave a good challenge and as I get stronger, I need to push myself further. The NTC App helps me grow and allows me to chase my best.

Define your workout wardrobe in three words

Fun, functional and classic.

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