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6 Things to consider before getting your wedding dress

6 Things to consider before getting your wedding dressWhether you design your dream dress yourself, collaborate with a professional or buy it off the rack, there are things you need to consider, so we turned to KLûK CGDT’s Malcolm Kluk and Christiaan Gabriël Du Toit, who’ve designed wedding dresses for some of SA’s glammest brides for over two decades. Here, Malcolm shares his six top tips on what to think about when choosing what you’ll be wearing to walk down the aisle.

1 Always consider the back of the dress. You’ll be standing with your back to the audience during your ceremony, so a dress with an interesting back detail is a must.

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2 If you’re on a tight budget, ditch the veil and keep things simple. The veil gets used for such a short time and often masks the dress underneath.

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3 A corset should never be tight at the top, or you’ll get muffin top or back fat. Your boobs will still look amazing with a looser fit!

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4 Don’t waste time on matching white shoes that you’ll never wear again. Buy a pair that you love, as all that will be seen are the toes.

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5 A made-to-order dress is always better than buying off the rack, as each person’s body is different and proportion is not always possible to alter on a ready-made dress. If you are buying a ready-made dress, make sure it can be adjusted to fit your frame.

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6 The right underwear makes all the difference, so consider this when trying on your dress and take your wedding underwear with you to all dress fittings.

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