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3 Productivity apps to help you bring your A-game

3 Productivity apps to help you bring your A-gameIn today’s frantic multitasking age, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the amount of things you need to get done daily. But luckily, the tech gurus have come up with productivity apps to help you organise your life and complete tasks quicker and more efficiently. To make things even simpler for you, we’ve rounded up our three favourites.

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1 Workflow

What it is: An automation app that synchronises your software so that you can specify what actions you’d like it to perform when.

Who it’s for: Those who have time-consuming scheduled tasks they need to do every day, like sending out reminders to your department or making payments.

What else: There is nothing else like this on the App Store, so it truly is one of a kind.

Cost: R49.99

Operating system: Only available on iOS as it’s integrated with Apple’s built-in software and apps.

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2 Google Keep

What it is: A note-taking app that lets you save notes, photos, voice memos and checklists to Google Drive, and access them again on any other web-connected device.

Who it’s for: Those who like taking notes on the go and later viewing them in an organised format.

What else: It’s constantly being updated and new features include colour-coding and category options that make your notes easy to find.

Cost: Free

Operating system: Android and iOS

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3 Slack

What it is: A messaging app designed especially for business teams where all chats can be saved, making them easily accessible.

Who it’s for: Those who don’t enjoy email threads and want easy and quick communication between a group people. 

What else: It’s one of the fastest-growing business apps in history, with The New York Times dubbing it “the app that could finally sink email” last year.

Cost: Free

Operating system: Android and iOS

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