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3 Hot highlighters to get your glow on!

3 Hot highlighters to get your glow on! Gigi HadidPearlised highlighters add radiance to your complexion thanks to light-reflecting pigments. Here are our top tips to get your skin looking dewy, not oily.

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1 Go for a liquid highlighter if you use a liquid or cream foundation. Apply after your foundation, but before your concealer. If you prefer a powder highlighter, dust powder over your foundation before the highlighter.

2 Test it on your hand before you buy: if your skin looks glowy, you’ve found your match. Too shimmery, glittery, frosty or if it changes the tone of your skin – keep testing!

3 Pearly shades complement pale skin tones, champagne shades medium skin tones and peach and bronze shades darker complexions.

4 Focus on your cheekbones, eyes and lips. Dot a little highlighter on your cheeks and blend with your foundation brush, moving toward your temples. Add to your brow bone to accentuate it or dab some on your cupid’s bow to make your lips look fuller.

5 To contour your nose, draw a fine line along the bridge of your nose. Avoid the tip, or your nose may look oily.

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Need help choosing? Here are three highlighters we’re currently loving.

3 Hot highlighters to get your glow on!

[1] Benefit Girl Meets Pearl R425

[2] Catrice Made to Stay Highlighter Pen R74.95

[3] The Body Shop Honey Bronze Highlighting Dome R195

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